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Course Confirmation Information

This email was sent on Friday 3/27. If you did not recieve it, please update your email in Homelink. Please be sure to send in your course confirmation by Friday 4/3!!


Hello Titan Families,


We hope this email finds you well.


It’s that time of year when we ask students and their families to finalize their course requests for next school year. 


As always, we will NOT be able to honor any class change requests in the fall unless there are obvious mistakes in the student’s schedule (e.g., incorrect grade-level placement, missing classes).


Please use this form to confirm (or request changes to) the course selections you made with your counselor for next year by Friday, April 3 .


A couple of ***important items*** before you get started. 


* To view your course requests, login to Aeries/Homelink and click the tab along the top that says “Classes.” 

Then choose “Course Requests” from that drop-down menu. 

From there, you will be able to VIEW the classes you chose with your counselor at your grade-level meeting. 


* Seniors, you should have 9 classes (Government and Economics are listed as two classes). If you don't have 9, please request additional classes using this form.


* Freshmen and sophomores, you should have 8 classes. If you don't have 8, please request additional classes using this form.


* If you selected Graphic Design Photo, unfortunately we are not offering that course next year. Please request to drop this class and add a different class using this form. 


* If you see "Positive Power," on your list of classes, that is a placeholder for American Sign Language (ASL)


* If you see "Current WldAff," on your list of classes, that is Ethnic Studies


* For current sophomores and juniors, don't forget about the new courses available in English and social science (Dual Enrollment English, Dual Enrollment US History, and Ethnic Studies).


Want to know more? Watch the videos!

Rising Juniors


Rising Seniors 


*A full list of courses is available online on the Program Planning Guide:


*Or if you prefer to see the Course Selection Sheets, they can be found here:

Rising Sophomores:

Rising Juniors: 

Rising Seniors:


* The following classes are currently FULL. We're sorry, but we won't be able to add any additional students to...

Art 1

Art 2

Ceramics 1

Ceramics 2

Pro Photo 1

Spanish 1

American Sign Language (ASL)


* Looking for some open electives? Please consider…

Computer Science Essentials



Media Productions





Speech and Debate

Beginning Piano

Advanced PE

Group Fitness

Weight Conditioning

AP Computer Science Principles

AP Chemistry

Ethnic Studies

Social Psychology


Please keep checking your email regularly. It's our lifeline to you right now. :)


Stay safe. Stay healthy.


After they submit, they see this message:


Thanks for submitting your Course Confirmation for next year. We really appreciate it. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your counselor by email. We're here to help!