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School Safety REMINDER!

Here are some guidelines to follow when dropping off your student at Antelope High School:

  • Drive slowly in parking lots and on surrounding streets.
  • Remain patient, courteous, and follow the rules.
  • Cell phones should not be used in the parking lot, especially when students are present.  
  • Do not block crosswalks or street access.
  • Do not drop of your students on the side of Elverta, as it blocks up traffic.
  • Do not use the bus turn in area for drop offs.
  • No U-turns on Titan Drive or Palmerson.
  • Always watch for children and be cautious.
  • Tell your students to use the crosswalks provided.
  • Tell your students to take out earbuds when crossing the street.
  • Encourage your students to walk or ride a bike or skateboard to school. This will help decrease traffic in and out of the campus area.
  • See the maps provided. They give the areas that are the recommended areas of drop off. Using these locations will help in the flow of traffic and provide a safer location for your students to get out of the vehicles.

Remember, safety is a priority, and continue to encourage your students to abide by all traffic laws!!!!



Aquatic-Palmerson Map

Titan Drive Map