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COVID Testing & Information

R.J.U.H.S.D. Covid-19 Information 


COVID Testing Options 

National Labs:

Monday, September 13th, National Labs will take on the testing responsibilities for district students and staff.  The schedule will be as follows:


Mondays - Oakmont High School (1pm-6pm) - Location - OHS Gym foyer

Tuesdays - Antelope High School (1pm-6pm) - Location Antelope Theater Foyer

Wednesdays - West Park High School (9am-12pm) -  Location Student Union

Wednesdays- Woodcreek High School (1pm-6pm) - Location - school cafeteria

Thursdays - Roseville High School (1pm-6pm) - Location - JB Gale Theater off Berry Street

Fridays - Granite BayHigh School (1pm-6pm) - Location - Room 838 Back Parking Lot Area


Students and staff from RJUHSD can test at any location they choose. 

Forms available at the time of testing or you can print foms below, complete and bring it with you. 

COVID-19 INTAKE FORM (Consent & Release)