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Student Login for current WHS students


All Students are assigned an RJUHSD email address through Google Apps for Education.  This address is the sole correspondence means and login information for all online services!  
This means that you need to check this email to receive confirmation message from Homelink, Naviance, Blackboard, Realidades or any other service provided by RJUHSD.
Student Email:
Email / User Name Login: First Name . Last Name 
Password: Student ID #  (Found on your schedule or ID card) 
If you're having trouble logging into Google Mail or Homelink email the help desk or call (916) 786-8050


The District has set a password expiration policy (every 120 days) that is affecting most student accounts. If find that students cannot log into Chromebooks, they will need to reset their passwords through using another device (home, phone, or another computer/Chromebook that is logged into and connected to internet).