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Graduation Requirements Personal Finance Course

Class of 2023:  
You'll notice that the Personal Finance Course is listed as a 7th period class on your course schedules, with your counselor listed as your teacher, so that they can assist your progress in meeting this RJUHSD graduation requirement. This course has no class meetings to attend, no grade or credits, as it's a pass/fail course with no impact to student GPAs. Students must complete 4 online learning modules that should take between 5-8 hours total, followed by a final exam taken in person with a campus proctor, and must be passed at 70% or better to meet the graduation requirement. 
Look for communications from your school site administration or your counselor for details about arranging to take the final exam (once the 4 modules are completed), and for any specific deadlines by which seniors must pass this requirement. Please refer to the RJUHSD Personal Finance page for login info, answers to frequently asked questions, and where to request help if needed:
This short video shows how to log into your course, see your seniors, see the content, and check on their progress. The course also points them to FAQs, where to get help, and an online form for any further questions.