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Notice from RHS Health Center

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How to help your injured or ill student to go home or get support

This is a reminder to families and students about what to do when a student is ill or injured at school.  If a student is ill they are to come up to the Health Center and contact their family.  Students are not to text or call from the classroom, restroom, locker room, priority period, or pe class during instructional time.  This is a violation of the restricted items section of the Rules and Regulations in the RHS Student handbook (please see page 19 of the RHS Student Handbook, available on the home page of the school web site, and I will enforce school consequences for this violation.

As soon as your student contacts you regarding an illness or injury ask them get a pass from the teacher and get to the Health Center as soon as possible. After they contact you initially, please complete any further communication with your student regarding their needs from the Health Center.  Please do not continue to text your student in the classroom setting or call attendance or the school office about your student’s needs!  If it is lunch time your student will not need a pass but must come up after they have contacted you.  Once the student has come to the Health Center, the office staff or I will arrange for the support your student requires.

This is the fastest and most efficient method to have your  ill or injured student dismissed.

Please contact me if you have questions.

Thank you for your assistance.

Dayle Edgerton RN Credentialed School Nurse

Roseville High School

Phone 916 782-3753 ext 3065

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