How to change your password through the My. portal

  • This will only reset passwords if you have setup your Security Questions

    If you are on a mobile device then go to our Mobile Device Password Reset page

    • Go to
    • Login to 
      • Your username and password would continue to be your old password if you have not changed it yet.
      • If you need you can reset your password for but you will have needed to have previously configured your password reset question
    • sign in screen with login
    • Once logged in to My. you may have the "Change Pwd" tile on your main screen. You can select that and skip the next step. 
    • home screen with "Change Pwd" and "Account" highlighted
    • If you do not see the "Change Pwd" option then click on "Account" on the bottom of the page
    • Then click on "Authentication" on the following screen
    • my. sub-page with "Authentication" highlighted
    • From the "Authentication" button you will be able to select "Change Pwd"
    • Type in your old password, and then type in your new password twice to confirm.
    • change password in My.
Last Modified on April 9, 2020