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  • Teacher: Bobby Ritter
    Phone: (916) 708-4888
    Room: 915
    Social Media:

    Industry Sector: Arts, Media, and Entertainment
    Pathway: Multimedia Production

    Program Description

    The media program at Roseville High School is responsible for running Eye of the Tiger, RHS's student run news gathering organization. The program maintains a lively and active social media accounts, airs a newscast every Tuesday and Friday to an audience of more than 2000 students, staff and community members, and publishes a newspaper every three weeks. Students learn reporting, writing, video production, graphic design, camera operation and marketing skills.


    Sequence of Classes

    Course Title - Media Productions
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)

    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    Media Production: This course is an entry-level course in which students learn the basics of media production - including broadcast, print, online and social media. Students will write articles and produce video packages in preparation for the Advanced class, where they will join Eye of the Tiger. Students will learn to use video cameras, edit video and write in journalistic style. Students learn to communicate effectively by writing scripts, planning productions, structuring show rundowns, and editing. Technically, students learn how to operate video and audio equipment, including cameras, various types of microphones, mixers, and work in industry standard software through the Adobe suite of products. This course also introduces students to studio production in the school's TV studio.

    Course Title - Advanced Media Productions
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)

    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    Advanced Media Productions:  This course will apply the writing, video editing and filming to the production of Eye of the Tiger's newscasts, newspaper, live streams and online presence. Students will learn to work in production teams as producers, reporters, directors, on-air talent, audio engineers, switchers, graphic artists, etc...

    Course Title - Media Management 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)
    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    This capstone course for the Multimedia Production pathway and is designed to provide students with training in the principles and practices of high quality business leadership and management. Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in preproduction, production, and post-production practices in an educational and work based environment. Students will fill leadership positions for Eye of the Tiger and oversee it's newscast, newspaper, online presence and livestreams. Students will learn and apply knowledge and skills in planning and time management, team building, communications, motivating people, decision-making and problem-solving, ethics and integrity, resource management, conflict resolution, labor/government/business relations, workplace diversity, leadership qualities, and management styles – while serving in leadership positions with the RHS Media Productions classes. 

    Program Outcomes

    • Improved writing skills: Learning to write in a journalistic style will greatly improve your ability to write in a clear and concise manner. You will learn to eliminate redundancies and present information in an organized and logical fashion. The carryover benefit will greatly aid your writing for all other disciplines.

    •  Increased sense of responsibility: As a part of this staff, you find that others will be depending on you to finish your work in a timely manner. If you fail to fulfill your personal responsibilities, others will suffer. 

    •  Enhanced interpersonal and communication skills: Part of your job in this class will be to speak with and interview various members of the RHS community in order to gain information for your article. Learning to communicate with a wide range of people and establish relationships with those whom you are not previously familiar is an important skill to acquire and one that will reap countless rewards throughout your life.

    •  Industry standard editing skills: Students will be exposed to the entire Adobe suite of products and learn to edit on the same software used by industry professionals. 

    •  Increased ability to work in a team environment: As part of the Eye of the Tiger staff, you are a part of the Eye of the Tiger team. Working closely with your fellow students toward common goals will help make your experience in this class more rewarding and fulfilling.

    •  Fun: One of my primary goals in teaching this class is to ensure that your experience in this class is a fun one. If you maintain a positive attitude in this class I can assure you that you will find it to be very enjoyable.

    • Greater media literacy: You are constantly being bombarded by the messages delivered through media. By working for an instrument of mass communication, you will develop a strong sense of the intention behind such messages and an ability to more effectively scrutinize them.

    • A memorable experience: Being a part of this class should provide an experience that you can reflect on long after your time is high school is over. You have the chance to a part of something special and leave a lasting impact on your school and community. This should be a source of pride for throughout the school year – as well as the rest of your life.


    Program Accomplishments

    • Produces a twice weekly broadcast that is very popular in the Roseville High School community.

    • Distributes a newspaper every three weeks.

    • Maintains a robust online and social media presence with the community. 

    • Distinction of Honor from the National Academy of Arts and Science in 2013 (a Grammy for scholastic news cast). Many former students have gone on to careers in journalism or public relations.

    • Program graduates have gone on to contribute to attend Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, The Naval Academy in Annapolis, Gearoge Washington, Berkely, UCLA and many more.


    • Many former students have gone on to careers in journalism or public relations.
    • Has earned earned numerous distinctions from the National Scholastic Press Association, including:

      • Newspaper Pacemaker Finalist in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
      • Newspaper Pacemaker winner 2017
      • Online Pacemaker Finalist 2013, 2018, 2019
      • Best of Show, Newspaper - first place - 2015 NSPA national conference in Washington DC 
      • Numerous individual awards for video, writing and photography from the NSPA - including news story of the year in 2016 and multimedia story of the year in 2018