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    Computer Science

  • Teacher: Bradlee Crockett
    Phone: X3937
    Room: 937
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    Industry Sector: Information and Communications Technology
    Pathway: Systems Programming

    Program Description

    The RHS Computer Science Pathway is a series of courses that focuses on building critical thinking, problem solving, and preparing students for high paying, high demand jobs in the competitive technology field.  Students will work their way up to Technology Innovation, the capstone, where they will create and develop a semester long project (an application or software product) with the guidance of industry mentors.

    Sequence of Classes

    Introductory Course

    Exploring Computer Science -

    Prerequisite: CCIM1 or current enrollment is acceptable.

    Topics include: Human Computer Interaction, Problem Solving, Web Design, Programming, Data, Robotics.

    Course ID: 167613

    Concentrator Course

    AP Computer Science Principles

    Prerequisites: CCIM2 with a C or better, ECS is strongly recommended

    Topics include: The 7 Big ideas of computing,  programming, hands on creative projects, robotics, and more.

    Course ID:  356173

    Capstone Course

    Technology Innovation

    Prerequisite: AP Computer Science Principles or AP Computer Science A with a C or better.

    Topics include: Developing an app or product from an idea to bringing it to market, advertising and supporting your product.

    Course ID: 152203


    Supplemental Technology Courses Offered at RHS.

    IT Essentials (TigerTech) -

    Prerequisite: ECS

    Topics include: COMPTIA A+ certification, Ethical computing, cyber security, being a part of a business, computer hardware, operating systems, networking and web development.

    ** 2+2 Articulation with Sierra College CIS 26**

    Course ID: 163603

    AP Computer Science A

    Prerequisite: Completion of Algebra 2 or CCIM3 with a C or better

    Topics include: Object oriented programming in Java, algorithms, data structures, software design principles. Recommended for future computer science majors.

    **Dual Credit with CSU, Sacramento ACE program CSC 15**

    Course ID: 167553

    Both of these supplemental courses would typically be taken after the concentrator and before the Capstone.