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    Culinary Arts

  • Teacher: Breanna Ehrig, Wendy Cox
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    Room: 508
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    Industry Sector: Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation
    Pathway: Food Service and Hospitality

    Program Description

    The Culinary Arts pathway provides students with the academic and technical preparation necessary to pursue the high-demand area in Food Service and Hospitality.  The courses focus on key aspects of the industry.  Students have in-depth, hands-on experiences that emphasize industry awareness; sanitation and safe food handling; food and beverage production; nutrition; food service management; and customer service.

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    Sequence of Classes

    Introductory Course Title - Culinary 1 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective Pending)

    Intro to Food & Beverage is the introduction course for the OHS Culinary Program of Study. Students will study various food units including quick breads and yeast breads, eggs and poultry, rice and pasta, cakes and cookies, and pies and pastries. Emphasis will be on kitchen tools and techniques, food preparation and flavor profiles, and safety and sanitation. Students will prepare and taste recipes several times a week and will also complete written work and tests for each unit.

    Concentrator Course Title - Culinary 2 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective Pending)

    Culinary Techniques is the concentration course for the OHS Culinary Program of Study. Students will continue with their classroom training in food preparation and also gain hands-on foodservice experience in our student operated restaurant, Café La Bleu. Additionally, students will complete Year One of the ProStart Curriculum, a nationally recognized school-to-career program developed by the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Additionally, students will create an electronic portfolio that includes a resume, references, and samples of work and receive the training and testing required for the CA Food Handler’s Card.

    Capstone Course Title - Culinary 3  

    Advanced Culinary is the capstone course for the OHS Culinary Program of Study. Students will take on a leadership role in the management and operation of Café La Bleu. They will continue their classroom training in advanced food preparation and service and will also complete Year Two of the ProStart Curriculum. Students must pass both the Year One and Year Two ProStart Finals with a 70% or better and show proof of foodservice work experience to be eligible to receive the ProStart Certificate. Additionally, students will continue to add to their electronic portfolio over the course of the semester.

    Program Outcomes

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    Program Accomplishments

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