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    Oakmont Media Productions

  • Teacher: Kelly Bohren
    Phone: 916-782-3781 ext.210
    Room: 210/307

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    Industry Sector: Arts, Media, and Entertainment

    Pathway: Media 1

    Program Description

    The Media Arts pathway combines project-based work that requires both independent work and interdependent management skills for career success. Students will learn the skills and knowledge for creating, refining, and sharing work in the industry. Traits that are necessary to function successfully in the graphic design industry – such as teamwork, communication, creative thinking, and decision-making abilities are emphasized. Students will focus on both the technical skills and the organizational and managerial knowledge necessary to develop, create, distribute, and promote a media production.

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    Sequence of Classes

    Introductory Course - Media 1 (Formerly Multimedia Productions)
    (UC/CSU 'F' Elective)

    Prerequisite: None

    Recommendation: Basic Computer skills or instructor’s approval. Juniors and seniors may be admitted only with the instructor's approval.

    This is the Introductory Course for the Media and Design Arts Pathway, in the Arts, Media and Entertainment industry sector. Students will be introduced to industry-standard tools, skills, and materials that they can manipulate as the primary means of creative expression. Students will explore basic applications of various multimedia tools to create visual, aural, and written projects in both digital and print format. Technically, students will learn to manage different file formats, use a variety of image-capturing devices, and combine different types of media into effective and entertaining images and presentations.  Programs used range from Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator, and Autodesk's Maya Modeling /Animation.


    Concentrator Course - Media 2 (formerly Advanced Media Productions)

    Prerequisite:  Media 1 and/or Teacher approval through application process found online

    Recommendation: It is highly recommended that students earn a B or better grade in the introductory course.  Students should consult their current teacher for placement recommendations.

    This course provides students with more application and training in the use of video/computer equipment and production techniques. There will be opportunities to focus on specific jobs, such as Modeler/Animator, Producer, Editor, Audio Technician, or Graphic Designer. Students will produce programs for the school, other students, and for the internet.  Extensive use of computers in video will be part of the class.   There is significant time commitment that may extend before and after school hours.  Students will often work independently, and all students are expected to maintain a serious work environment with professional behavior.  Students must be highly self-motivated.


    Capstone Course - Media 3 (Formerly Media Management) 

    Prerequisite: Media 2 and teacher approval through an application process found online

    This Capstone course is for the Media pathway and is designed to provide students with training in the principles and practices of high quality business leadership and management. There will be opportunities to focus on specific jobs, such as Modeler/Animator, Producer, Editor, Audio Technician, or Graphic Designer. Every student will produce at least 1 major project. Students will demonstrate advanced knowledge and skills in pre-production, production, and post-production practices in an educational and work-based environment. Students will learn and apply knowledge and skills in planning and time management, team building, communications, motivating people, decision-making and problem-solving, ethics and integrity, resource management, conflict resolution, labor/government/business relations, workplace diversity, leadership qualities, and management styles – while serving in leadership positions with the OHS Media classes.


    Program Outcomes

    • Students will gain knowledge and experience with the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.
      • Adobe video applications - premiere pro, audition, after effects, and character animate.
      • Adobe design applications - Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.
    • Students will gain knowledge and experience in studio and field video production.
      • Studio lighting vs. field production lighting.
      • Sound mixing and microphones
      • Camera functions
      • Composition and color theory
      • Storytelling
    • Students will produce multiple video and graphic products.
      • Produce student video bulletin twice a week
      • Produce news magazine style bulletin once a month
      • Create and produce commercials for classes, clubs, sporting events, and performances.
      • Design logos and graphics for multiple mediums.

    Program Accomplishments

    • California State Fair Winning Productions
      • Film / Video - "Take Wing" - 1st place in Group 4 Video 
      • Group Project - "Every 15 Minutes" - Won the I&TE Special Awards in CA Graphic Arts Education Assc. Awards included $50 and 1st place in the Group Division.
      • "The Butterfly Effect" - Won I&TE Special Awards (Green Award) award included $50 and 1st place in the Commercial Arts Open Division.
      • "The Birthday Present" - 2nd place in the Motion Graphics / Animation Division.
      • "Oakmont High School Every 15 Minutes Segment" - 2nd place in the Videography Division.
      •  "Things We Lost" 2nd place in the Commercial Arts Open Division.
      • "Destiny Inc." 3rd place in the Commercial Arts Open Division.
    • Emerging Filmmakers Showcase - Placer-Lake Tahoe Film Office
      • "The Butterfly Effect"
      • "Destiny Inc."