Marketing, Sales, and Service



    Business Entrepreneurship

  • Teacher: Gerald Hifner, Jeanne Sampson
    Room: 154,155

    Industry Sector: Marketing, Sales, and Service
    Pathway: Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment

    Program Description

    • The business program of study 3 include courses:  
      • Principles of Business - introductory courses 
      • Sports & Entertainment Marketing - concentrator course 
      • Empowering Entrepreneurs - capstone course 


    • It is recommended that students take these course in order
    • Students will earn and receive a “silver cord” to wear at graduation signifying their completion of the business program of study. 
    • Students may also consider taking IB business Management SL (a year-long course for 11th-12th grade) as an advanced course to expand their business knowledge

    Sequence of Classes

    Introductory Coure Title - Principles of Buisness
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)

    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    Class description: Principles of Business is an introduction to the world of business providing students with an
    analytical perspective on how organizations operate as well as preparing them for additional
    coursework at Granite Bay High School, future college business courses and employment. It
    will expose students to business administration as well as the key variables that influence
    today's business success. This course has been designed to provide students with familiarity of
    basic principles and practices of contemporary business, knowledge of business concepts and
    terminology, and an understanding of how business works. Students will learn not only the
    skills necessary to become a successful business person but also the attitudes, characteristic,
    and techniques needed to succeed. Units covered include business in the global economic
    environment, business organization and management, business operations and technology,
    and personal financial management. Topics include economic decisions and systems,
    international business, social responsibility and ethics, forms of business ownership,
    entrepreneurship, management and leadership, business operations, marketing concepts,
    finance, credit and insurance, career planning, and other major aspects of business.

    Concentrator Course Title - Sports and Entertainment Marketing 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)

    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    Class description: This course will provide students with an inside look a the world of sports and entertainment
    marketing. Students will learn the marketing basics applicable to all business and then focus
    on the sports and entertainment industries. Marketing of high school, college and professional
    athletic events will be dissected and used as examples of both successful and unsuccessful
    marketing campaigns. In addition, the entertainment industry from movies to theatre will be
    explored for its rich marketing history. The marketing techniques learned in this course will
    give students a solid foundation to put to use in their own business exploits or to continue
    their education in college and beyond in the field of marketing. Field trips to local sports and
    entertainment venues may be used as part of the learning process. In addition, our Sports and
    Entertainment Marketing class will serve as an in-house marketing department for our various
    athletic, performing arts and school programs. We will handle various promotional and
    marketing responsibilities.

    Capstone Course Title - Empowering Entrepreneurs
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)
    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    Class description: This course is designed to empower entrepreneurial literacy among high school students
    through a project—based learning approach. Students will synthesize the aspects of
    entrepreneurship in teams working with local entrepreneurs and their instructors. At the
    completion of Empowering Entrepreneurs students will successfully apply concepts regarding
    the human characteristics (collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking) vital
    for entrepreneurial thinking in a 21st century global world. The units in this course were
    aligned to the Common Core State Standards, and the Career & Technical Education standards.

    Internship Course Title - CTE internship 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)
    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    Class description: Students will be placed with a local company of their desired career path to continue 
    their study of their CTE pathway. Students typically “intern” 2 to 3 afternoons a week and will work under an 

    industry mentor who instructs, guides, and assigns tasks within the office. For the duration of the semester, 

    students will meet weekly with their respective department leaders to review progress from the previous week
    and plan ahead for the upcoming week. Additionally, this class releases early, better known as an off 4th period
    for students to work at their internships. Students will gain life and employment skills as they learn through
    experience in a professional environment is very beneficial itself.