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    PLTW Engineering

  • Teacher: Steve Dolan
    Room: 503

    Industry Sector: Engineering and Architecture
    Pathway: Engineering Design

    Program Description

    • The PLTW Engineering program of study 3 include courses:  
      • Intro to Engineering - introductory courses 
      • Civil Engineering and Architecture - concentrator course 
      • Engineering Design and Development - capstone course 


    • It is recommended that students take these course in order.
    • Students will earn and receive a “silver cord” to wear at graduation signifying their completion of the business program of study. 

    Sequence of Classes

    Introductory Coure Title - Intro to Engineering 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)

    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    class description: The major focus of the IED course is to expose students to the design process, research and
    analysis, teamwork, communication methods, global and human impacts, engineering
    standards, and technical documentation. Students use 3D solid modeling design software to
    help them design solutions to solve proposed problems and learn how to document their work
    and communicate solutions to peers and members of the professional community.

    Concentrator Course Title - Civil Engineering and Architecture 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)

    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    Class description: This course should introduce students to the fundamental design and development aspects of
    civil engineering and architectural planning activities. Application and design principles will be
    used in conjunction with mathematical and scientific knowledge. Computer software programs
    should allow students opportunities to design, simulate, and evaluate the construction of
    buildings and communities. During the planning and design phases, instructional emphasis
    should be placed on related transportation, water resource, and environmental
    issues. Activities should include the preparation of cost estimates as well as a review of
    regulatory procedures that would affect the project design.

    Capstone Course Title - Engineering design and Development
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)
    Syllabus: link to syllabus

    Class description: In this capstone course, students work in teams to design and develop an original solution to a
    valid open-ended technical problem by applying the engineering design process. After carefully
    defining the problem, teams design, build, and test their solutions while working closely with
    industry professionals who provide mentoring opportunities. Two possible projects that will be
    closely involved in this course are the Shell Eco-Marathon car and FIRST Robotics.

     Internship Course Title - CTE internship 
    (UC/CSU 'G' Elective)
    Syllabus: link to syllabus

           Class description: Students will be placed with a local company of their desired career path to continue 
           their study of their CTE pathway. Students typically “intern” 2 to 3 afternoons a week and will work under an 
           industry mentor who instructs, guides, and assigns tasks within the office. For the duration of the semester, 
           students will meet weekly with their respective department leaders to review progress from the previous week
           and plan ahead for the upcoming week. Additionally, this class releases early, better known as an off 4th period
           for students to work at their internships. Students will gain life and employment skills as they learn through
           experience in a professional environment is very beneficial itself.