WHS Course Catalog

Woodcreek High School now offers its Course Catalog in an online format.  You'll find the filters and search forms for the online catalog below.  This allows for more accurate and timely information as the online catalog will always be up to date with the latest requirements and information.  Additionally, it allows for easy searching and filtering to find just the right class that you are looking for.

Search Tips 

To see a list of all course offerings, click 'Submit' without using any of the filters.
For grade level filters, select 'Contains' and enter the desired grade level in the text box.
For example, to find elective courses a 10th grader can take, set the Grade Levels Filter to 'Contains', type '10' into the text box, then set the Elective drop down box to 'Yes'.  The resulting list of classes are electives for 10th grade students.
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