• RJUHSD Technology Standards Purchasing List

    Certain technology items must be checked for compatibility, interoperability, and accessibility with the District's computer and network systems prior to purchase to avoid or minimize incompatibilities and problems and/or delays when received and installed.  It is for the purpose of attempting to accurately deploy products and perform necessary services that the Centralized Technology Purchasing Process and the Technology Standards Purchasing List have been established.

    To streamline this process, we have put together the Technology Standards Purchasing List to assist you in purchasing the most common technology items requiring approval.  It lists many of the frequently-purchased items that have been standardized and vetted for use on our district network. Every item on this list will be verified to work in our environment and is considered acceptable for purchase from the specified vendor only.  Purchasing from this standardized list will allow expedient processing of your technology orders, as it will not require review by Technology Services; however, regardless of whether an item is on the list, all technology purchases must follow the centralized technology purchasing process. Items not on the Technology Standards Purchasing List must follow the established approval method described in Step #3b of the Centralized Technology Purchasing Process. 

    Please note that even if an item meets certain district standards, it may still be prohibited for specific reasons. Technology Services may not support hardware and software that have been purchased without the department’s involvement, and if support is available for such systems, it will be minimal due to staff and time constraints. Technology Services will always provide guidance and assist staff in making purchasing decisions which comply with our technology standards and meet the district’s technology needs, and that which will allow us to create opportunities to work around potential issues ahead of time.



    Hardware Standards

    Any hardware listed on the website of any of the partnered educational resellers below will expedite the processing of your order since it does not require further review by Technology Services.  

    Technology Services has compiled a standardized list of the most commonly-used hardware equipment district-wide.  These items include: student and staff Chromebooks, printers, monitors, projectors, and other peripherals. The list may be found at www.cdw.com/rjuhsd.  All orders with items from this list will be processed immediately.



    Computer Standards (includes laptops and desktops)

    Technology Services has established a standardized configuration for desktops and laptops purchased through Dell.  Visit www.dell.com/RosevilleJUHSD and choose Standard Configurations under My Tools to view current district models.  You can also create your own quotes to send along with your technology requisition or access them at a later date by clicking on Quotes under My Tools

    • Any special configuration/non-standardized purchase requests will require pre-approval by Technology Services and may cause delays in processing your order.
    • Due to supportability, cost, and other issues, all laptop orders will still require review by Technology Services to determine its use by staff and/or students.  However, all district standardized desktop orders will be processed immediately.



    Telephone Standards

    Technology Services was successful in transitioning the district to an updated and more supportable phone system in Summer 2016.  In choosing this new Voice over IP system, the department has replaced every phone district-wide with new Mitel VoIP handsets. In keeping with district standards, new and replacement phone systems must be ordered directly from Reliance Telecommunications.  Their price list can be found here.