Advanced Placement
    Gina Parisi Snider gsnider@rjuhsd.us

    The AP program, developed by the College Board, is the most widely accepted college-level academic program available to high school students. AP courses are rigorous, high-level courses designed to give students a head start in college.

    Each AP course has a corresponding exam, given in May, that assesses the knowledge and skills students have acquired throughout the course. A passing score on the AP exam can earn students college credit at most colleges and universities, saving them time and money. Research has shown that students who take AP courses and exams are significantly more likely than their peers to graduate from college in four years, and they are more likely to receive college scholarships. 


    General Information about the AP Program

    This booklet provides detailed information about AP exams for parents and students enrolled in AP courses.

    Parent and Student Guide from the College Board


    AP Credit Info Policy

    Every university has its own policy as to how AP exams translate into college credits. Search here for a specific university’s policy.