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Degrees and Certifications:

AA Math and Science BA Geology MA Educational Technology

Mr. John Fuller

Mr. Fuller was born and raised in Lodi California and attended Today High School.  Mr. Fuller was active in swimming and water polo thourghout high school.  Shortly after high school Mr. Fuller atteneded College of the Redwoods in Eureka Calfornia.   With a strong interest in Math and Science Mr. Fuller transferred to Humboldt State University where he majored in Geology.   After graduating Mr. Fuller recieved his teaching credential from Humboldt State in 2005.   

For his first two years, Mr. Fuller taught at Cesar Chavey High School in Stockton CA.  His next teaching adventure landed him with a science teaching job in Fort Bragg CA.  Eventually Mr. Fuller settled down in the Sacramento area where he has been teaching science and engineering at Roseville High school since 2008.

IED Syllabus Link:IED_syllabus


Employers need an available pool of skilled workers—from entry-level through engineers—The RHS engineering program follows a proven hands-on, real-world, cutting-edge problem-solving approach to engineering and manufacturing.  The RHS engineering program is committed to developing innovators who lead the design and implementation of practical solutions to meet the ever-changing societal and workforce challenges of today and beyond.  In this project based program, students will learn and apply the design process through hands-on coursework while developing strong proficiency in technology, teamwork, and communication skills. 


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Program Overview

PLTW is a nationally recognized STEM Program. The goal of the Engineering PLTW Program is to assist and influence students with their post-secondary decisions that help shape their future.

Even for students who do not plan to pursue engineering after high school, the program provides opportunities to develop highly transferable skills in collaboration; technology, critical thinking, and STEM related fields.

Pathway of Courses

Introduction To Engineering (IED)

  • Students will apply the engineering design process, and engineering standards to hands-on projects
  • Students will learn how to apply engineering sketches and maintain an engineering notebook to document their work and progress
  • They work both individually and in teams to design solutions to a variety of problems using 3-D modeling software and use an engineering notebook to document their work

Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM)

  • Introduce students to the high-tech, innovative nature of modern manufacturing
  • This course illuminates the career opportunities related to understanding manufacturing processes, product design, and robotics
  • Students will learn basic G-Code as well as fundamental CNC machining skills with CAM software
  • Students will learn how to code with industrial robots and create their own mini production line 

Principles of Engineering (POE)

  • This course serves as an introduction to Sierra Colleges Mechatronics department and will allow students the chance to earn college credit
  • Student will be introduced to basic electronic principles such as Ohm’s Law, Series and Parallel Circuits as well as AC and DC currents
  • Students will design and produce a model battery and motor
  • Students will be introduced to transistors, inductance, and capacitors
  • Students will apply the programming language C to produce a myriad of industry robots machines used in the manufacturing industry (material sorters, automated guided vehicle, flexible manufacturing system)

Engineering Design Development (EDD)

  • The knowledge and skills students acquire throughout PLTW Engineering come together in EDD as students identify an issue and then research, design, and test a solution
  • Students will ultimately present their solution to a panel of practicing engineers
  • Students apply the professional skills they have developed to document a design process, and they complete EDD ready to take on any post-secondary program or career

Possible Career Pathways Include:

  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer/Mechanic
  • Robotics Maintenance Technician
  • Industrial Programmer
  • CADD/Industrial Designer
  • 3D designer
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator
  • Drafting
  • Prototype Technician
  • Industrial Developer/Designer
  • Engineering Assistant
  • CNC Machinist
  • Production Manager
  • Many other STEM related careers

Program Equipment


haas TM1p


4ft x 8ft Plasma Cutter

plasma cutter

Industrial Robots (Dobots)


3D printers

3d printers


Laser Engraver

laser engraver