Oakmont Attendance


    • Senate Bill 98 defines how school districts must take attendance during distance learning. Attendance for Dynamic Online Learning has multiple components such as students are expected to be in their dynamic online learning class on time, must be present for the duration of the synchronous class time and must participate in class activities for that day.
    • RJUHSD must follow these components daily by verifying students’ physical presence in class and ensuring student participation through concrete evidence, such as an assignment, a quiz, a discussion board, a warm up activity, etc.
    • If a student is unable to attend a class session, they will be marked “not engaged” and families should expect to receive a call from the attendance office verifying absence beginning August 7. Parents/Guardians will need to clear the absence by leaving a message on the school attendance hotline with the student’s full name, grade, date of absence and reason for absence.


    Clearing Absences

    • Absences must be cleared within 3 days.  All absences not cleared will be registered as a CUT/TRUANCY.
    • Medical notes must be provided within 10 days of absences.
    • Students are allowed 10 absences a school year with a valid reason before being considered truant.

    Early Dismissal

    Option 1: Have the student bring a note to the attendance window before school to pick up their pass to leave later that same day. Passes will not be delivered to classrooms.

    Option 2: Call Attendance at 916-782-3781 ext 2010 before school and have student come before school or during lunch break to pick up their pass to leave campus. Passes will not be delivered to classrooms.

    Students who are not feeling well during class or passing periods should go directly to the Nurse’s office. The Nurse can make sure that the student is taken care of, call their Parent/Legal Guardians, and dismiss them from class.

    Last Minute Appointments

    If an appointment is scheduled “last minute”, call the Attendance Office as soon as possible to allow enough time to pull your student. REMEMBER: These are interruptions to class; Attendance needs a MINIMUM of 30 minutes to pull a student from class. If your student is sick, students need to report to the school nurse. We will not accept requests for student dismissals the last 30 minutes of the school day.

    Late Arrivals

    Students who arrive late to school must receive a readmit slip from the attendance office. Have the student bring a note or parent/guardian call 916-782-3781 x2010 to excuse the late arrival.


    These will reset each 9-week semester
    Students are considered tardy if they are not in their seat at the time the bell rings. Interventions for tardiness will be recorded and monitored.

    • Teachers should be diligent in taking attendance and marking students who are tardy
    • Administrators will monitor students who are tardy. Parents will be informed via regular mail after three
      tardies. Tardies will be tracked by Debbie Sanders and Sandra Lightfoot. Tardy reports are run every
    • Upon 4th, 6th, and 8th tardy (total tardies in all periods), students will be called up to an Assistant
    • Principal’s office and assigned a detention and/or work service. Parents will be contacted by school
      messenger. Students will have one week to serve detention or work service.
    • Pre-Attendance Mediation (PAM) hearing and/or other discipline may be assigned after 9 tardies.
    • Continued tardiness or repeat offenses will be monitored. Additional disciplinary consequences may


    These are not reset and count all year
    Truancies are full period absences or full day absences or combination of both.

    • Truancy Letter 1 – three unauthorized/unexcused same period and/or all day absences:
      Letter mailed home. Parents will be contacted by a learning support specialist
    • Truancy Letter 2 – six unauthorized same period and/or all day absences:
      Letter mailed home Assistant Principal (AP) will meet with student issue warning, 1 detention assigned, and parents will be contacted.
    • Truancy Letter 3 – nine unauthorized same period and/or all day absences:
      Letter mailed home. Student is called in by the Assistant Principal, Pre-Attendance Mediation (PAM) Hearing assigned and parents are contacted by AP. School Resource Office (RPD) may issue citation to Diversion class.
    • Truancy Letter 4 – ten or more unauthorized same period and/or all day absences:
      Served by School Resource Officer for referral to Student Attendance Mediation (SAM) at District Office for possible transfer.


Board Policy 5000

  • The Board of Trustees believes that regular attendance plays a significant role in student achievement. Furthermore, the Board recognizes its responsibility under the law to ensure that students attend school regularly. Parents/guardians of children ages 6 to 18 are obligated to send their children to school unless otherwise provided by law.  Furthermore, to maximize student attendance in school, the Board recognizes the need to adopt a policy addressing excessive student absences and/or tardiness that constitute an irregular attendance pattern that adversely affects the student’s ability to learn.  Excessive absences and/or tardiness are defined as patterns of student non-attendance at school due to prolonged or repeated illnesses, truant conduct, or tardiness, including but not limited to:

    1. Absences/truant conduct/tardiness of 10 or more school days in a school year for illness without written verification by a medical professional, and
    2. Any pattern of repeated absences and/or truant tardiness that adversely affects the student’s academic progress.