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Degrees and Certifications:

Education Specialist 1 Autism Authorization English Language Authorization Relationship Communication Coach Certification

Judi Moneymaker

Hi! I'm Judi Moneymaker. Though 2021-2022 is my fourth year at Oakmont High School, 2003-2004 was my first year of full time teaching. I'm a teacher and coach (not the sports kind. I'm certified to coach relationship communication skills). I am a staunch advocate for mental health, emotional health, and brain health. Yes, those are three different things! An exciting role I've added in recent years is that of guest lecturer in the School Social Worker credential program at Sac State. My students have gone into college - from community college to master's and law degrees, into the military, into Job Corps, into the California Conservation Corps, or straight into the workforce. These young people and what they have accomplished make me immensely proud with huge hopes for the future.  Because I am fortunate to have had so many amazing years working with young people and their families, I could go on and on about it all. Instead of using my words, though, I'm going to let former students, parents, and co-workers introduce me.


"You go above and beyond for your students..." ~ Rob, former administrator


"Students feel safe and nurtured in your room. Student-centered is a word that absolutely describes you. Kids know that you always have their best interest at heart. Your strong work ethic is refreshing." ~ Suzanne, former administrator


"You make learning fun and interesting. Your curriculum teaches students to use their critical thinking skills in and out of the classroom setting. You strive to show students their full potential and provide them the skill set to accomplish their goals."  ~ Khrystyna, former student


"You relate to the students so easily and make them feel worthy. Your classroom is always welcoming."  ~ Breeya, former Paraeducator


"You are a really cool, caring teacher. You actually care about your students and their future. You always keep it the truth with us and how it's going to be. You always look out for what's best for us. You still help me out when I need it and I'm not even in high school anymore. That says a lot. You care about us as a person. Thank you, again. If it wasn't for you pushing me and refining the skills I've learned, to never give up, and do what's best for my future, I wouldn't have made it this far."  ~ Paul, former student


"I cannot thank you enough for the work you've done with my daughter. I know she wouldn't be where she is if it wasn't for you."  ~ Jerry, parent of former student


"She's the best Special Ed teacher I've ever seen.~ John, retired Assistant Superintendent


"You always know how we feel when we enter the room. If something's not right, you know it and you get to the bottom of it. You notice us."  ~ David, former student


"You're a great teacher. Students love you. Families love you."  ~ Steve, retired Assistant Superintendent


"You educate each student based on their individual needs. Your goal is far beyond high school in the classroom experience and you are setting them up to be successful for a lifetime as well as lifelong learners. You are the most fundamentally holistic educator that I've ever worked with. You care about the kid as a person, not just a student, not just a statistic."  ~ Bridgette, Adjunct Professor at Sacramento State University


"You are passionate about the success of your students. You go above and beyond to mentor and support them."  ~ Kris, teaching colleague


"Thank you for all that you've done for both my boys."  ~ Paul, parent of two former students


"You're like Allstate. We're in good hands."  ~ Tommy, former student


"You're a very kind hearted person but also straight forward and love to see your students shine."  ~ Adolfo, former student


"You're the realest teacher ever."  ~ Justin, former student


Hopefully the words shared here provide you a comforting glimpse into who I am and what I bring to others. If you'd like to hear more of my words, you can check out episode 75 of The Gifters podcast with Christopher Kai on iTunes. In my words and the words of students and others you can hear that my goal is to help people reach for their full potential, to create their ideal life, and to maintain the best relationships, because when everyone lives a truly aligned, fulfilled life, the world is a better place for us all. 


I'm excited to spend this school year with your precious young person! I promise to take good care of them!