• WorkAbility Program

    The WorkAbility Program provides comprehensive pre-employment job skills training, job placement and follow-up for high school students in Special Education, who are making the transition from school to work, independent living and post secondary education or training. The program has been recognized as one of the 10 best transition programs of its type in the nation. This program is available at all the schools within the Roseville Joint Union High School District.

    CA WorkAbility Site

    The funding comes in the form of a grant from the federal government that is administered through the California State Department of Education. The program is a joint effort among schools, community agencies and private industry to help students make the transition from school to the world of work.

    WorkAbility I

    Criteria for students applying for subsidized employment.
    1. Must be a Special Education Student.
    2. Must be 16 years of age for job placement. (Sixteen and under can receive support services/job search assistance.)
    Additional Qualifications
    1. Excellent attendance record at school and in class.
    2. Demonstration of job readiness.
    3. Positive attitude toward employment.
    4. Completion of assessment prior to placement.
    5. Prompt completion of all necessary forms.
    6. Willingness to participate in employment preparation sessions.
    7. Cooperation with employer.
    Selection criteria of student applying for WA I program
    1. Student must express interest in obtaining a part-time job.
    2. Permission of the Parent/Guardian is required to participate if under 18 years of age.
    3. Student must have appropriate academic status and attendance record.
    4. Availability of transportation. The school does not provide transportation. Public transit is available at student's expense.
    5. Student is required to have a social security card.
    6. Student needs verification of legal work eligibility.