• Peer to Peer Student Tutoring

    Are you in need of help in an academic class?  Do you think you can help someone in an academic class? 

     Sign up to be a tutor or to get tutoring!  Tutoring sessions can be held before school in the library, during intervention, at either lunch or after school in 5th period in the library.  Simply click the link to be taken to more information about how to sign up.


    You must be logged in to your school email account in the browser where you are accessing the forms in order to view them.  Any teacher, counselor or student can sign a student up for tutoring.  Once you’ve signed up, an IB ambassador will contact you and make arrangements for the tutor and person requesting tutoring to connect.  

    To sign up to be tutored, click here:  https://goo.gl/forms/vlOcjWKP0N84UuAp1

     To sign up to be a tutor, click here:  https://goo.gl/forms/qfiHvrt6Bru1zZ612


    Tutors:  You will be required to commit to a MINIMUM of one 30-minute session per week during one of the following times:

    • Before school, in the library starting no earlier than 7am
    • During intervention in an appropriate venue, and not conflicting with any teacher’s need to see you or your tutee
    • During lunch, if your lunches match
    • During 5th period after school in the library anytime between the hours of 2:35-4:30, Tuesday through Friday

    Tutoring MAY NOT take place off campus.  

    Tutors are required to fill out a brief form after each tutoring session to log that the session occurred.