• GBHS Student Attendance Policies and Procedures 

    Spring 2021


    Please be aware that most of these protocols are driven by the need to comply with Senate Bill 98 so our attendance accounting is done in accordance with the law.




    Please be aware of the new Spring Term Bell Schedule Linked Here




    Teachers will take physical attendance each period for all GBHS students 

    • Students must complete a daily health screener form (https://www.screener19.com/screener/campus) between 5:00am and 7:10am each day before arriving on campus
    • Campus will be open Monday through Friday at 7:15am. Students should arrive on campus no later than 7:30am. 
    • Students must present their digital ID card to their 1st period teacher prior to classroom/facility entry 
    • Teaching staff with 1st period classes will scan digital student ID cards/enter student ID numbers into https://www.screener19.com/ to confirm health screener completion and student clearance to attend on-ground classes
    • Students that have not completed the health screener or do not have proper health clearance must report to the main gate check-in station (by the main office) for further processing. 
    • Administrators and support personnel will monitor campus locations to assist and to ensure students report to appropriate, designated check-in locations.


    Each teacher will record “E” or “N” or “A” or “P” or “T” (tardy) in Aeries (See GBHS Student Attendance Flow Chart)


    (Engaged/Present) - student is physically present AND completed the daily engagement record


    (Not Engaged) - student is present but did not complete the daily engagement record


    (Present) - student is on campus and present for in-person instruction


    (Absent) - student never showed up to class or on Zoom.  


    (Tardy) - student arrived late to class without a valid excuse


    A teacher, an administrator, or another member of our support staff will follow up with the student and/or family after 2+ days of consecutive period absences.





    • Any student with visible symptoms will be sent to the main office for evaluation immediately. 
      • Students with symptoms will be put into isolation and instructed not to return to school until cleared by the school nurse and/or until they have a physician's note indicating that they are safe to return.  
    • Please note that we recognize that symptoms may be a result of some other medical condition, and the school nurse will make every effort to follow-up with families within 3 business days.
    • Any student who is Zooming into a class due to illness, isolation, or quarantine will still be expected to complete assignments including a daily engagement record assigned by the teacher in order to be marked engaged,
    • Some teachers, due to the structure of their class, may choose to assign asynchronous work for students to complete in the case of an absence. It is the responsibility of the student and parent to communicate any absence to the school attendance office and to request work or Zoom access from the teacher in advance of any missed class periods. 



    Students will be held accountable for tardies in Spring 2021. 


    Grizzlies arrive on time! This means that you are in your seat and ready to work before the tardy bell rings.  If by chance you are tardy, you must proceed to the main gate scanning station or the attendance office to check in and receive the appropriate pass prior to going to class. 


    # of Unexcused  Tardies



    Teacher will warn student, note tardy in Aeries Pre-Referral Interventions


    Teacher will contact parent


    Referral to AP, parent contact, counselor/wellness intervention


    Referral to AP, parent contact, counselor/wellness intervention, SART/SRO Intervention 


    EARLY-OUTS (leaving school early for appointments, illness, or other reasons)

    GBHS is a closed campus. Students must have permission to leave campus during the school day. Please follow these procedures:


    • If your student contacts you and indicates they are not feeling well, please direct them to go to the nurse’s office so that we may monitor them while they wait for you to arrive.
    • Failure to follow proper procedures before leaving campus may result in disciplinary consequences. A parent calling or sending a note after a student leaves without permission will not absolve the student of discipline consequences. For more information on these procedures, please see the GBHS Student Handbook.
    • Students with Early Outs/Dismissals must have a legal guardian call, send an email, or a signed note must be brought to the attendance office in advance. The note must be typed or written in ink and all messages must include the:


    • Date and time of the absence
    • Specific reason for the absence (see student handbook for allowable excused absence guidelines)
    • Signature of the parent or guardian
    • Daytime phone number of the parent or guardian 


    • Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for students to report to the main office for early-out appointments. Please plan accordingly. 

    If you have questions or concerns about the attendance process, please contact Quillan Donnis at qdonnis@rjuhsd.us or (916) 786-8676 ext. 5107.