•  Antelope High School Clubs


    Club Name 

    Meeting Day and Time

     Club President


    Arcade Club Mondays, L206 1:40 - 2:55 Ben Milhoan Moreno
    Anime Club Thursdays After School, S104 Joseph Dalton Loggins-Morgan
    Barbershop Choir Thursdays, 2:45-3:30, Rm CTE6 Anthony Miller Fulkerson
    Bring Change to Mind (BC2M) S208 Claire Madrona Wallace & Jaynes
    Choir Club Weekly, as needed, Rm CTE 6 Sabrina Opack-Morgan Fulkerson
    Christian Club Fridays After School, S103 Joseph Dalton Hudson
    Class of 2019 3rd Period, Daily Sarah Corrias Winn and Duncan
    Class of 2020 As Needed, Rm L101 Gina Nguyen JDresser/VThompson
    Class of 2021 2nd Period, Daily Kendall Yankauskas ACarter/LStanley
    Class of 2022     Plunkett
    Computer Science Tuesdays after School, Rm S209 Pearl Doan Higley
    Cyber Patriot Mondays after School, Rm S209 Geo Morales Higley
    Dance Monthly During Class and Rehearsals Jaclynn Carpenter Guest
    Fandom Club 2:35-3:30 A206 Hunter Sweeney Traughber
    K Pop Club Tuesdays, 3:00 p.m., Rm L207 Daniela Avila Balderas
    Link Crew Tuesdays During Lunch Twice a Month, L205   Carter/Stanley
    National Honors Society Wednesdays 2:45 A206 or S102 Tino Trangia Traughber/Williams
    Random Acts of Kindness  Thursdays, L205 Diana Sinko Carter
    Society of Women Engineers Once Monthly, exact day TBD Kaya Johnston Winn
    Speech and Debate Thursdays, L201 Jared Parris Parris
    Suicide Prevention Club S208 Claire Madrona Wallace
    Titan Cafe During Class Rm L104 Dominic Mott Baldwin
    UNICEF Fridays After School, S106 Sidrah Sharif Williams