•  Physicals for the 2019/2020 school year MUST be dated ON or AFTER May 20, 2019. 

    Physicals may be completed by your Primary Care Physician or a drop in clinic (PA signatures are acceptable). 

    CIF Sponsored and Club sports offered at Woodcreek High School 


    CIF-SJS - Students transferring high schools ~ Athletic Eligibility

    Transferring from one school to another school may affect a student's athletic eligibility under SJS of CIF rules.  It is your responsibility to see the school principal or school designee for a copy of the eligibility rules, or information where eligibility rules may be viewed.  Students who transfer as a result of disciplinary action are subject to the conditions of Bylaw 209 and may be ineligible for one calendar year from enrollment in your new school.  All Eligibility transfer information/ applications MUST be true, correct, accurate, complete and/or not false or fraudulent.  Go to www.cifsjs.org for further information on Transfer Eligiblity.


          BEFORE YOU START the online Athletic Clearance 

    • Student must be clear of all fees/fines/book returns prior to participating in sports and being cleared through Athletic Check. 
    • Playing more than 1 sport in a school year?  Scroll to the bottom of this page for instructions on adding a sport in the same school year. 
    • If you already have an account from the previous school year; do not create another account, please log into your Athletic Check account and change your student's grade year; 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th.
    • Physical & Medical History Form must be updated by your physican each school year and the form must be dated after (date changes each school year, date will be posted on this page in late May each school year).  Physicals for the 2019-2020 school year MUST be dated ON or AFTER May 20, 2019. 

     Follow these Step by Step Instructions

    • Print & bring this PHYSICAL & MEDICAL HISTORY FORM to your Physician (Once this is complete, now complete the ONLINE Athletic Check) 
    • Register for an account on ATHLETIC CHECK using PARENT email.
    • Click on the “sign up” button located in the upper right hand corner of the page.
    • Use parent’s email address when completing the Online Athletic Clearances 
    • Once registered, find the “Add Clearance” button.  If you have more than one student-athlete attending WHS, you will add a clearance for each.
    • Fill in all of the information requested on the form.  Register for the first sport your athlete will play  (ie.:  girls volleyball).  If your student plays multiple sports, you will be required to update their information and signatures prior to second and third season of sport.
    • Upload your completed Physical AND Medical History forms to the site where it says “Upload Completed Student Physical.”  The system will only allow one document.  The best way to upload your Medical History and Physical pages is to take a picture of both documents (side by side) with your phone and upload.
    • The athlete will need to electronically “sign” the required sections.  If he/she does not have a student ID or driver’s license, he/she may use a parent/guardian’s driver's license #.
    • A parent/guardian must electronically “sign” the required sections.
    • Submit the clearance.
    • After you submit the online Athletic Check, you will receive email that your athletic clearance has been received.
    • If submit your Athletic Check request during the school year, you will recieve an email within 48 hours stating your athlete is either cleared or denied.
    • If your athlete is denied, the reason why will be stated in the email.
    • For questions and assistance contact Mrs. Becker (916) 771-6565 ext: 4015. 

    Parents MUST complete the online Athletic Check process before their student can tryout, practice or play any sport in any CIF sponsored sports, club sports and/or dance team.


    Student Accident Insurance 

    Seguro de accidentes estudiantiles


     Playing more than 1 sport in a school year?

    Example: If a student plays Football in the Fall and then wants to play Baseball in the Spring you must move and re-consent to the new sport each season or you can do all the sports at the beginning of each school year so it’s done for the year.

    1) Log into Athlete Check 
    2) Click on Add Clearance
    3) Choose Year, Season, Sport, fill in Insurance Company and Insurance ID #
    4) Select Existing Student
    5) Click Next
    6) Ensure the physician's name, phone are correct
    7) Ensure the original physical you turned in shows up on that page, if it doesn't you will need to reload it. If the physical is there, and after you confirm your
    student's physician information, click Upload Later
    8) Click Student Sign - the student must consent to all the clearance policies and fill in the info at the bottom, then click Sign
    9) Click Parent Consent - the parent must consent to all the clearance policies and fill in all the info at the bottom, then click Sign
    10) Click Submit


    If you start your registration prior to having physical form completed but have an appointment to see your student's physician at a later time, you can add the physical at a later date by following these steps:

    1) Log into Athletic Check with your account
    2) In the top bar, on the left side, there is a Clearance Menu, expand the menu and select "Students"
    3) For the student who's medical you would like to upload, in the Manage column, click on the pencil (edit student)
    4) On the student form, you will see the physical section about 3/4 of the way down
    5) Click on "Choose File" to select the medical
    6) Click on "Update Student"