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    If a head injury is suspected, an athlete will IMMEDIATELY be pulled from practice or the game and CANNOT return until a doctor's note is received clearing them to do so. 

    If a student has been diagnosed with a concussion OR head injury, the CIF and the RJUHSD have put in place a process to ensure that student athletes return to play appropriately.  The link provided below contains the exact steps required in order to play full contact, also known as the Return to Play Protocol.  This process is overseen by our campus nurse and head coaches.   

    Please note:  Students who have not been cleared academically (modified school schedule, classroom modifications still in place, ie: extended times for test taking, assignment due dates, etc.) WILL NOT BE CLEARED TO RETURN TO SPORTS.

    CIF Concussion in Sports

    CIF Concussion Return to Play (RTP) Protocol

    RHS Head Injury Report