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    Summer Reading Assignments for the English Department



    AP Literature and Composition - Click Here to Download the Assignment 

    Every student will read Thomas C. Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor in addition to one other AP novel. Foster’s work will help you understand how to approach a novel more effectively, while the novel will expand your literary arsenal in preparation for the AP exam. 


    Holocaust Poetry Brainstorm - Click Here to Download the Assignment

    When you think of the Holocaust: What images do you see?

    Night Identity Boxes - Click Here to Download the Assignment

    Directions:Create an Identity Box below for yourself.  Add inside images and words in a creative manner

    that helps illustrate your identity.

    Night Letter to Elie Wiesel - Click Here to Download the Assignment

    Over the years, a number of students have written or asked Mr. Wiesel questions about his experiences and shared their own history with him as well.  Write Mr. Wiesel a 1-2 paged letter.  

    Night Oprah's Cut Cornell Notes - Click Here to Download the Assignment

    Paraphrase Elie’s view on God’s role in the Holocaust and if/what problems does Elie have with God. 

    Night Portfolio Journal Responses  - Click Here to Download the Assignment

    Directions: Answer the journal completely in one page (single spaced) or more.  Analyze, interpret, give evidence whenever possible, and justify your answers!  

    Night Portfolio Prompt - Click Here to Download the Assignment

    This English 10 class will be exploring Elie Wiesel’s memoir, Night, which details his story about surviving the Holocaust. In order to display interaction and learning regarding the material and content of the book, each student will be turning in a bound portfolio.

    Night Portfolio Teacher Grading Rubric - Click Here to Download the Assignment

    Portfolio is cleanly bound into an appropriate project/portfolio folder.