• Independence High School History 

    Independence High School is located in Roseville. This school is one of nine in the Roseville Joint Union High School District, and along with Adelante High School, is one of the two alternative high schools in our district.


    Independence High School is a fully accredited high school that uses independent study as its primary method of instruction. Independence High School (IHS) offers the same core graduation requirements as the traditional high schools within the district along with 70 elective credits in order for a student to earn a diploma. The vast majority of our students come to us from the five comprehensive high schools in the district. Students transfer to IHS for a variety of reasons and at any time during the school year. As such, it becomes our responsibility to meet the academic needs of each individual student at the time of his/her transfer. Because the most common methods of instruction are one-on-one and small group classes, we have the flexibility to enroll students and meet their academic needs throughout the school year. In many of the courses, students are offered supplemental class support materials online.  We also offer a number of asynchronous online enrichment courses into which students can be enrolled throughout the school year.  We recognize the importance of providing the opportunity for our students to achieve at a high level. In order to accomplish this, we offer our students the necessary courses to meet the UC/CSU a-g course requirements. We also offer four AP courses that have been approved by the College Board’s AP Audit process. This year we have students taking 3rd and 4th years of foreign language courses as well as Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus.


    We recognize that for students at IHS to meet all of our district’s core graduation requirements, our own elective requirements, and the UC/CSU a-g requirements, we need to increase our students’ time and support necessary for them to master the key targets in the core courses required for students to earn a diploma. Teachers and staff utilize innovative, instructional strategies, including Blended Learning, differentiated instruction, and Response to Intervention (RtI2) teaching methods to provide additional support to students who need the assistance.


     Among the methods, employed to help students achieve increasingly greater levels of mastery, is  Blended Learning.  This cutting-edge 21st century learning tool offers rigorous asynchronous blended online/onground enrichment courses that incorporate innovative and engaging technology as well as our district’s adopted learning targets and common assessments.  Currently, we offer nearly all of our core academic classes as well as all of our AP courses online in which students can master the material in a manner, and at a pace, time, and place that best suits their learning needs. We also offer selected small group classes in foreign language, math, writing, and lab science.


    Teachers are committed to making instruction meaningful and relevant for every student. Staff utilizes BlackboardConnect to communicate with students and parents frequently for timely updates on academic successes and needs.  Parents and teachers contact one another by email and phone to support their student’s learning. To assist teachers, we encourage parents to be active in their child’s education by: becoming a partner with the student’s teachers so that they know, understand, and encourage their student’s academic progress in their coursework; monitoring their student’s weekly assignments for completion and evidence of student understanding through Homelink; encouraging their children to seek help from their teachers, counselor, or support staff if needed; and taking part in the district sponsored Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE). PIQE is a parent education program designed to help parents understand the high school experience.


    Independence High School provides an 21st century innovative-learning environment, dedicated to academic, personal, and emotional development.  Activities to build student self-esteem, communication skills and good work habits are embedded into the curriculum.  The mission of Independence High School is to provide every student with a quality education that empowers them to be competent, responsible citizens who are prepared for adulthood, and to value education as a lifelong process.  The IHS vision is that every student will succeed.


    Our 21st century vision for Independence High School is to continually increase student learning and academic performance through the most current, rigorous, research/standards-based curriculum and assessments, while maintaining the flexibility, versatility, and individuality of independent studies through onground, online, and “blended learning” environments.  Currently, the administration and office staff of Independence High School serve a vital adjunct role in coordinating and facilitating online learning districtwide to support learning in the classroom.  Additionally, the administrator and office staff administer online Credit Recovery courses offered as academic interventions to students who received an “F” in a core course required for graduation and UC Recovery courses to students who received a “D” in a course required to maintain UC qualifications. Differentiated instruction using a “pyramid of interventions” comes natural to IHS teachers who naturally excel at teaching the Credit Recovery courses.