Volunteer at Oakmont HS!

  • Oakmont High School has many ways that our parents and community members can actively support our school and activities.  Please read about the volunteer opportunities that we have available.

Volunteer Opportunity Description Contact Name Contact Email Contact Phone
Coat Check at Dances Each dance has a coat check in the gym foyer for our students. We need parents to run the coat check process. Michael Kentris mkentris@rjuhsd.us 916-782-3781
Copy Parents We have many handouts and copy needs on campus. Volunteers are trained to run the machines and complete the copy jobs for teachers and staff. Jordan Tibbits jtibbits@rjuhsd.us 916-782-3781 ext 2004
Cultural Club The Cultural Club is welcoming new student members and assistance from the community. They want to plan events for the school and community. Michael Kentris mkentris@rjuhsd.us 916-782-3781
English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) The ELAC committee meets monthly to discuss components, issues, and events within the EL Community. They also work to support the EL population at Oakmont HS. Julie Winkel jwinkel@rjuhsd.us 916-782-3781
IB Testing Proctors Each year, the IB program needs many parents to assist in the proctoring of individual and group examinations. Exams are in December, January, March and May. Jolie Geluk jgeluk@rjuhsd.us 916-782-3781
Oakmont Parent's Club The purpose of the Oakmont Parents Club (OPC) is to promote parental and community support for OHS; provide financial support above and beyond what is available from the Roseville Joint Union High School District; and provide structure to Booster Clubs to work for the benefit of the students and the school. Nils Wright joinopc@gmail.com
On-Call Helpers Various tasks and jobs appear during the year. We would like to have an "on-call" list of volunteers who can step in and assist in any way. Jordan Tibbits jtibbits@rjuhsd.us 916-782-3781 ext 2004
Safety Team Member The site team meets monthly to discuss current issues and to write the site safety plan. Julie Winkel jwinkel@rjuhsd.us
Site Council Member Site Council Membership is an elected position. Elections are held annually for these positions Rob Hasty rhasty@rjuhsd.us 916-782-3781
Sober Grad Night Sober Grad Night is a party organized by Oakmont parents to provide a safe environment for the graduates to celebrate with their friends. Parents of all grade levels are encouraged to participate in Sober Grad Night activities, but on the night of the party, we try to give senior parents the night off. Michael Kentris mkentris@rjuhsd.us