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    Basic Art (511)
    Ceramics 1 (508)
    Art 1 (511)


    Reference Links

    Artchive  1000's of high quality paintings and drawings from Leonardo Da Vinci to Edward Hopper

    CGFA  High quality paintings and sculpture with thumbnails for easy viewing


    Artlex.com Definitions and terms for Art History, Ceramics, and Basic Art students

    Museum Links  Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, Art Institute of Chicago, Louvre, MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), and others



    Gallery Visit Attend a gallery reception on opening night for full credit.  Or visit a student show for 1/2 credit. 


    Empty Bowls Charity Fundraiser Ceramics students are encouraged to donate a bowl for community service

    Vocabulary List

    Vocabulary definitions 


    AP Art History

    This course is devoted to the study of Western art, which will include painting, sculpture and architecture.  The art will be representative of cultures of the ancient Middle East and Egypt, Greece, Rome, Europe in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and Modern Art.   A portion of study will be devoted to cultures beyond the European tradition.   You will find this college-level course to be exciting, challenging, and rewarding.  The course is open to Juniors and Seniors with no pre-requisites.  AP Art History is offered during the spring semester.