Aeries.NET is now available at RJUHSD!
    Aeries.NET is an enhancement to the existing Aeries system that will give staff easier access to student data with the same capabilities found in AeriesCS. Aeries.NET is a “web based” application accessible from any district computer and any Internet connected device.
    Some of the added and available features of Aeries.Net:


    • This is a “web based” application; software does not need to be installed on the computer.
    • All settings are stored on the server and not reliant on the computer that you use.
    • There is no wait time with progress bars like we currently have with AeriesCS. This includes the district database as well.
    • The District Database does not require a separate logon.
    • Some of the features only available through Aeries.NET vs. AeriesCS are:
      • Student’s Gradebook Summary
      • Reports sent to email
      • History of printed reports
      • Tree Structure Navigation
      • Aeries Analytics
      • Customizable “Home Page” with added features like: Attendance Summary, Events Calendar, and Individualized “My Tasks”