Student Government

  • Student Government is a course taught by Tamara Givens. Student Government organizes the many exciting events that take place at our school.

    Givens, Tamara

    Upcoming May and June Events:

    Senior Tiles:
    • May 17th and 18th after school

    Day at the Bay:
    • May 19th from 12:15-2:35
    • The pool will be open, there will be inflatables, dodgeball, basketball, free food and snow cones, and music.

    Quad Dance:
    • May 19th from 8-10:30
    • The theme is “Party in the USA”
    • Tickets will be sold at lunch on May 16th-18th and during Day at the Bay on the 19th
    • $7 with Activities, $9 without activities, $10 on Friday
    • Seniors are FREE; tickets must be picked up by 3:15pm on May 19.

    Goodbye Rally:
    • May 26th during school

    Senior Sunset:
    • May 26th

    Senior Breakfast:
    • June 2nd