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    (916) 786-8676 ext. 5111

    College Reps please visit Counselor Community to schedule a visit to our school or send me an email.  


    Upcoming Events:   

    College App Support - November 21, after school 2:35 pm to 3:30 pm

    ASVAB CEP Results & Interpretation - December 11 7:45 am to 8:45 am in Room 837

    Thanksgiving Break November 25 - November 29

    KP Launch


    The high school application period will be December 13, 2019 through January 10, 2020.

    Please go to the Summer Program tab for more information or click here for the KP Launch website.

    ASVAB CEP Results & Interpretation

    If you took the ASVAB CEP assessment on November 13th, your results will be ready December 11th.

    Please come to  Room 837 at 7:45 am for results and interpretation.  This will take approximately 1 hour.



    College Application Support

    In the Library

    October 18th: during both lunches

    October 29th:  during Grizz time

    November 21st: after school 2:35 pm to 3:30 pm


    October 1 – November 30
    Application submission period for all CSU (California State University) campuses

    November 1 – November 30
    Application submission period for all UC (University of California) campuses

    November 30 – 12:00 Midnight
    Application Deadline for all UC and CSU campuses

    March 2
    FAFSA California Deadline for all UC and CSU campuses.  Please note: other schools may have earlier deadlines.

    Check your school's website for ALL DEADLINE dates!!! 

    RJUHSD and Lennar After School Construction Workshops

    Oakmont High School

    1710 Cirby Way, Roseville 95661

    Mr. Weld’s Construction Room - IA 4

    All workshops run from 3-5 pm.  

    Wednesday, September 25th - L & S Framing

    Wednesday, October 23rd - Interior Logic (Tile)

    Wednesday, January 22nd - Heritage One (finish carpentry)

    Wednesday, February 26th -  Revised - Sierra College Construction project

    Wednesday, March 25th - Rescue Electric (Electrical)

    Wednesday, April 22nd - Villara (HVAC & Plumbing)

    Important Important Information!

    • Students must turn in a photo release and liability waiver. You may bring the paperwork to the first workshop!
    • Juniors who attend the after school workshops are invited to apply for a paid summer internship that will begin June 2020.  All workshops are hands-on and free!
    • Seniors who attend will be invited to a career fair scheduled for April 2020 in order to apply for work in the trades upon graduation.

    Questions?  Contact Terri Griffin, R.J.U.H.S.D. Work-Based Learning Coordinator, at  

    Upcoming College Visits

    in the College & Career Center

    Sign up HERE

    Download the permission slip HERE (have your teacher sign this and bring with you to the presentation)


    11/5/2019 9:00am Utah State University Logan UT
    11/7/2019 11:15am St. John's College Santa Fe NM





    12:45 pm

    11:15 am

    Washington State University

    Colorado State University

    Grand Canyon University


    Fort Collins





    12/2/2019 12:45pm Cal Northstate Univ College of Health Sciences Rancho Cordova CA



    Where do I Find Scholarships?

    Many college scholarships are available to 9th-12th graders!


    In the College & Career Center and on the College & Career Center Website

    RJUHSD Local Scholarship Program Feb. 1-28

    Organizations your family is connected to – Local businesses, clubs, unions, banks, churches, parent's place of employment.

    Check your intended college’s website under financial aid/scholarships.

    Online searches – be sure they are FREE. Here a few…

    1. Financial Aid on the Web:
    2. Salle Mae Scholarships:
    3. College Board:
    4. College Board Opportunity Scholarships:
    5. Going Merry:
    6. Wired Scholar:
    7. com:
    8. Search for Scholarships:
    9. Fast Web:
    10. Unusual scholarships
    11. Prestigious scholarships and fellowships
    12. Full tuition academic scholarships
    13. Scholarships for average students
    14. Community service scholarships
    15. Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino students
    16. Cancer scholarships
    17. Athletic scholarships

    Transcripts and Your College Applications

    If you apply through Common Application and invite your counselor – Your transcript will be sent automatically to the institutions you are applying

    If you request a transcript from your counselor through the Coalition Application – Your transcript will be sent automatically to the institutions you are applying

    If you request a transcript from your counselor through SENDedu –  Your transcript will be sent automatically to the institutions you are applying

    All others – with the exception of those noted above, you, the student, should order up transcripts through Student Services ($3 fee for each) unless there is an electronic means for your counselor to send a transcript to the insitution electronically. In those cases, it is the student’s responsibility to get their counselor that information for their counselor to do so.

    If a hardcopy is needed to be sent, that would require you, the student, to order a transcript through Student Services at a cost of $3 each.

    Any questions, please see Teri Keeney in the College & Career Center.