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    College Reps please visit Counselor Community to schedule a visit to our school or send me an email.  


    Dear GBHS community,

    During this time of online learning and school closures, if you have any questions regarding college or career, please email me or check through this website page.  Email:

    Email messages will be sent out to each class trying to keep you all informed of upcoming deadlines and opportunities. 

    Please stay healthy and inspired during this time.  We are all going through this together and are doing what we can to keep things rolling for you and your upcoming future. You've got this!

    Teri Keeney

    Granite Bay High School College and Career Center


    Map of the Class of 2020

    Congratulations Seniors!!!

    If you would like to be added to the map, please complete this form Class of 2020

     And don't forget to complete your Senior Scholarship Survey by May 11

    COVID-19 Response Updates & Resources

    UCś response - Read HERE

    CSUś response - Read HERE

    College Board (SAT, AP) response and updates - HERE

    ACT response and updates - HERE

    Free AP online support - HERE

    Free College Planning - HERE

    Free Career Research - HERE

    For private schools and out of state schools, please check the school's website

    Seniors:  Covid-19 Update & Your College Admission - Please check your intended college's website for updates on orientation, campus visits, and more.  Information is changing daily. 

    Virtual Tours & Zoom Meetings with Universities

    Available for all students

    Check out whatś coming up


    Work Permit Processing during Covid-19

    Please get your work permit application filled out, signed by a parent and your employer.  Once it is completed, scan or send a photo of application to  I will then follow up with you with further direction.


    Ready to choose a college?

    Article:  Top 15 Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing a College


    Where do I Find Scholarships?

    Many college scholarships are available to 9th-12th graders!

    Scholarship page (see to the left)


    In the College & Career Center and on the College & Career Center Website

    RJUHSD Local Scholarship Program Feb. 1-28

    Organizations your family is connected to – Local businesses, clubs, unions, banks, churches, parent's place of employment.

    Check your intended college’s website under financial aid/scholarships.

    Online searches – be sure they are FREE. Here a few…

    1. Financial Aid on the Web:
    3. Salle Mae Scholarships:
    4. College Board:
    5. College Board Opportunity Scholarships:
    6. Going Merry:
    7. Wired Scholar:
    8. com:
    9. Search for Scholarships:
    10. Fast Web:
    11. Unusual scholarships
    12. Prestigious scholarships and fellowships
    13. Full tuition academic scholarships
    14. Scholarships for average students
    15. Community service scholarships
    16. Scholarships for Hispanic and Latino students
    17. Cancer scholarships
    18. Athletic scholarships

    Transcripts and Your College Applications

    If you apply through Common Application and invite your counselor – Your transcript will be sent automatically to the institutions you are applying

    If you request a transcript from your counselor through the Coalition Application – Your transcript will be sent automatically to the institutions you are applying

    If you request a transcript from your counselor through SENDedu –  Your transcript will be sent automatically to the institutions you are applying

    All others – with the exception of those noted above, you, the student, should order transcripts through Student Services ($3 fee for each) unless there is an electronic means for your counselor to send a transcript to the institution electronically. In those cases, it is the student’s responsibility to get their counselor that information for their counselor to do so.

    If a hardcopy is needed to be sent, that would require you, the student, to order a transcript through Student Services at a cost of $3 each.

    Any questions, please see Teri Keeney in the College & Career Center.