• Final Steps to Take Before the 2020 AP Exams 

    1. E-tickets will be sent 48 hours prior to your exam. You can also access your E-ticket via your MyAP account. 

    2. Please make sure that you have reviewed the College Board AP Testing Guide 2020

    3. To ensure preparedness for exam day, please complete the AP 2020 Exam Demo Simulation

      1. Instructional Video for the Exam Demo

    4. Here is the GBHS AP Testing Guide 2020

    5. All AP students should fill out the 2020 AP Exam Checklist to prepare for their upcoming AP Exams. 

    6. The College Board has closed its Phone support for Educators and Students. You will need to fill out the form below with any issues. 
    7. Makeup Exams and technical issues: 

      1. If you have any issue on exam day that prevents you from testing successfully, you’ll be directed to an online AP Makeup Testing Request Form where you can describe what happened and request an e-ticket for a June makeup exam. 

      2. cb.org/requestmakeup 

      3. You must have your original e-ticket when filling out the form. 

      4. Submit the form within 48 hours of your original exam date.

      5. College Board will review your form and send you an email approving or denying the request the week of May 25. If approved, your makeup e-ticket will be sent two days before the makeup test.

      6. Do not call AP Services; the pandemic has closed call centers and you will simply hear a message directing you to fill out the form and await the approval email. 

      7. Rest assured that you will receive approval for any of the following types of issues you encounter, or similar ones: sickness; significant interruptions from family members; battery failures; power outages; technical disruptions. 

      8. Note: simply running out of time to submit a response on exam day is not a valid reason to request makeup testing.

  • AP 2020 College Board Interactive Demo Video

    Click on the link above to view a step-by-step guide to the 2020 AP Interactive Demo. 


    After watching the video, please visit the College Board WEBSITE to replicate the exam experience. 


  • AP Testing Guide 2020-PLEASE READ

    Is there an overview of the process for taking AP Exams? 

    The College Board put together this guide to help explain what to expect with regards to taking your AP Exam. Please read the guide and contact the College Board if you have any questions 888-225-5427. 


    The guide contains the following information: 

    How do I make sure that the College Board has my correct email address on file? 

    Information about how to update your email address with the College Board can be found on page 22 of the guide (linked above). Remember that you can call the College Board to verify your information as well at 888-225-5427. 

    Email info
    Are there videos or demos available to help familiarize me with the exam format? 

    The College Board created this video to help give an overview of the process of taking exams online. 

    They also created an interactive demo to help you know exactly what to expect on exam day. Information about the demo can be found here. It will be available starting May 4. If students can't access this demo, they'll be unable to access the actual test without completing the troubleshooting steps on slide 51 of the testing guide. 

    There are several other videos posted here

    What do I need to do to prepare to take my exam online? 

    The College Board created a 2020 Exam Day Checklist. Please complete this checklist for each exam that you take and keep it with you while testing. 

    Will I need other documents or resources in order to take my exams?

    Some exams require you to have additional documents available. (Such as formula sheets and tables for certain math and science classes.) A comprehensive list of items that students will need for exams can be found here. Find some of the printable resources, such as reference sheets and keyboard guides here.  

    What if I am taking AP Spanish Language? 

    Information about how to prepare for and take the AP Spanish Language exam can be found here

    What if I am taking AP Music Theory?

    Information about how to prepare for and take the AP Music Theory exam can be found here

    What if I am taking AP Art and Design? 

    Information about how to prepare for and submit your AP Art and Design portfolio can be found here. 

    I’m taking AP Computer Science Principles. Do I still have to take a written exam? 

    No, AP Computer Science Principles only has a “Create and Explore” Performance Task component. The deadline for submission of Performance Questions in the Digital Portfolio is extended to May 26, 11:59 p.m. ET. Follow this link for more information. (Scroll down to the plus sign to the right of “AP Computer Science Principles”.) 

    What if I am testing with accommodations? 

    Information regarding testing with accommodations can be found here

    What if I have other questions? The College Board put together a list of FAQ that can be found here. You can also contact The College Board by phone at 888-225-5427.

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  • District Office Exam Cancellations and Refunds

    Please be advised that the google form to request refund is for families that are in NEED of it immediatley. Students can still opt-out of the exam and will recieve a full refund, but it will not be refunded until late June.  
    If I cancel my exam this year, can I take it next year?

    For 9-11 grade students, yes. If you are at your school site next year, you can always opt to take an exam for a course that you took in the previous year. 

    Will test refunds be offered to all students, including students who completed their courses in the fall? 

    Yes. If a student wants a refund, they may have one, whether they are a fall, blocked, or spring student. 

    How do I get a refund on my AP exam?

    If you would like to cancel your exam this year, please complete the

    AP Exam Refund Request Form, and we will begin processing your exam payment refund. It is important to note that all refund requests are final. Please do not submit a refund request unless you are absolutely sure you do not wish to take the exam. 


    **Please note that AP exam refund requests must be submitted by May 1st to receive refund checks by the end of May. Refund requests submitted after May 1st will not be processed until after June 5th. 

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  • Please see Covid 19 FAC/s page for detailed information in regard to May 2020 Testing. 

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  • College Board Update 3/25/20

    • Students will be taking an ONLINE only 45 minute Free Response for each AP Exam via their MyAP account.
    • College Board will be releasing Resources for Review on 3/27.
      • collegeboard.org
    • College Board is NOT requiring a date for withdrawing from the exam.  Students can wait up until the date of the exam to not take it. They simply do not login. They are offering FULL refunds to students who do not take exams. Please see the video for further information. 

    I have posted an GBHS AP Update 3/25/20 for your viewing. 

    Please sign up for the up to date College Board Twitter updates @CollegeBoard


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  • Families, please see the Covid 19 College Board update that is posted to this website in regard to testing changes for May 2020. 

    Late Registrations: Direct from the College Board

    NO late registrations for AP Testing this year. If any student did NOT pay or sign up on their MYAP account by the deadline of 3/13, they cannot order an exam. 

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  • GBHS December 2019 AP Newsletter

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  • GBHS Advanced Placement 2019/2020

     College Board Changes 2019/2020 


    SSD Accomodations are due 1/17/20 to the College Board. 



    • Late Registration and Payment will need to be communicated to Mrs. McKinney (jmckinney@rjuhsd.us) for approval. 


    Student Registration Info Guide 

    Spring Courses



    February 28, 2020

    Withdrawal from course DUE. 


    March 5, 2020

    AP Order deadline

    • Cash, check (Student Services)
    • Credit card payment (Online Student Store)



     Fee Schedule: 

    • $99 Per exam (Cash or check at Student Services)
    • $99 + transaction fee (Online Student Store)



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  • If you would like to opt-out of the AP Exam, please click the link below. Due date: 10/4/19

    GBHS AP Withdrawal Form

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What is the AP Program?

  • The Advanced Placement Program (AP) gives high school students exposure to college-level material through involvement in AP courses. Through this program, students may earn credit, advanced placement, or both, for college. The AP Program promotes critical thinking, independent evaluation, accelerated learning and achievement.

    Our AP program offers rigorous college level courses that have been approved by the College Board and prepares students for success in their academic futures. Under this accelerated learning program, students will sharpen their analytical and writing skills, and hone their study habits in preparation for a demanding college curriculum. If a student successfully passes the AP exam administered in May, college credit and/or advanced placement can be earned (depending on the student's test score and the college policies). Please refer to the GBHS course catalog for a detailed description of the 17 courses offered and prerequisites for these courses.

    Since the rigor of a student's curriculum is often a crucial factor in the college admissions process, students taking AP courses are more competitive (as the demands and strengths of AP classes are widely recognized and are regarded with a weighted grade). Many colleges will consider whether the student has taken enough AP courses to pursue a challenging curriculum. While Granite Bay High also offers an IB program (which offers a global perspective on learning and is also rigorous in coursework), the AP program can offer more flexibility while still providing an advanced level of education. The program allows students to choose which AP courses to pursue and the option to participate in the rich offering of extracurricular activities at Granite Bay High. (However, AP courses are demanding and parents should carefully assess whether the student can keep up with an accelerated pace of learning together with the extracurricular activity under consideration.

  • AP Exam Reduced Fees Information

    $10 per exam paid to the Student Services window. Students will be notified by email, they will need to present to Student Services while paying. This category includes students who are eligible to participate in the Federal Free and Reduced Price Meal Program. 

    Scholarship Application