• RJUHSD Outlook OWA 

    • Use of this system and its services is strictly limited to authorized RJUHSD employees and board members.
    • When you are done make sure that you click the Log Off icon located at the top right of the Tool Bar, follow the prompts to close the window. If you wish to continue browsing the Internet, re-launch the browser.
    • Use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 or greater. It may be possible to use other web browsers like Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, etc. but they are not supported.
    • Troubleshooting for any computer other than District owned computers will not be provided. Technical support for home computers, including Internet connectivity is not a provided service of the District.
    • Please reference the Accessing RJUHSD Email From a Web Browser document for complete instructions.
    • Follow the above link, or contact the District Technology Department for the latest copy or for further assistance if necessary.