• Here at GBHS we have 2 ROP programs run by Mr. Dolan and Mr. Patterson.

    What is R.O.P.?

    The Regional Occupational Program (R.O.P.) provides an opportunity for students to explore the world of work while mastering the necessary skills needed for college, advanced training, business and industry. By applying the academic knowledge and technical skills acquired while in high school to a real-job environment, students may upgrade their existing skills and/or prepare for advanced training. All of this is accomplished through a combination of classroom instruction by qualified instructors and supervised hands-on training in laboratory or real work environments.

    R.O.P. is available for high school seniors, juniors, and qualifying sophomores.
    Some R.O.P. classes are "in-house" classes which means that they do not have an on-the-job training component outside of the classroom. Sophomores who are 16 years of age may enroll in the "in-house" classes with an administrator or counselor referral and approval. Sophomores who are under the age of 16 may be eligible to enroll in "in-house" classes offered on their home campus if they have a four-year plan that reflects the ROP course as being part of a sequence of related coursework, and is documented by the student's counselor. Seniors and juniors have enrollment priority.
    Classes are taught in 'blocks' which vary in length, from a single block to a 3-hour class/training time period each day. R.O.P. classes may be taken within the student's regular class day or during a period of time that extends past the regular school day.
    Students must be able to provide their own transportation to the job site if they are enrolled in a course that has a community-based training component and/or to classes held on high school campuses other than the student's home campus.
    Students should enroll in an R.O.P. course for the entire school year. Courses are completed when students enroll from August to May/June.
    Certificates of Completion can only be earned by students enrolling for the entire course and fulfill additional requirements for the Certificate.

ROP Classes

R.O.P. Provides

  • A way for high school students to add exceptional hands-on experience to their portfolio, resume, and to college applications

    Preparation for post-secondary education and/or training

    High school credit toward graduation

    Courses that have been approved for specified University of California a-g requirements

    Opportunities to earn community college credits

    Certificates of Completion accompanied by a list of demonstrated competencies

    Training for full-time or part-time employment where local employment needs exist

    Job-seeking skills


Special Features

  • Many classes offer internships in local community businesses or industries. After a number of weeks in these classes, students are placed on training sites and attend class one day per week and participate in on-the-job training on the other school days during their R.O.P. time.

    Classes are held on high school campuses and at the R.O.P. Center in Auburn. If enrolled in an R.O.P. class that is not on a student's home campus and has an on-the-job training component, the student may secure training sites close to his/her home campus, reducing the travel distance.

    As of 4/3/2008, students are covered by workers' compensation insurance.