• District Committees

    Campus Reopen Sub Committee - Committee of Board Members, staff Members, parents and students, to look at the process of reopening schools when allowed by state, county and health officials.


    Athletics Ad Hoc Committee 
    Continuous Improvement Leadership Team (CILT) - Reviews data and research to identify strategies and opportunities for continuous and measurable improvement of student achievement in a standards-based instructional plan. CILT reports to Leadership and the Board of Trustees.
    City Liaison Committee - Meets with City Manager, city staff or elected officials to foster cooperation between the city and school district.
    Facilities - Meets to discuss major facility projects issues.
    Finance - Meets to review audit report, select audit firm and set scope, review project change orders, considers financial issues as necessary (C.O.P. issuance, G.O. bond decisions, etc.).
    Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee - Meets to satisfy the accountability requirements of Proposition 39 in connection with Measure D, approved by voters on November 8, 2016 for the issuance of $96 million General Obligation bonds.