Antelope High School

Excellence in Education

The Vision


Antelope High School will challenge every student to attain academic and personal success through a rigorous and relevant curriculum that is supported by positive relationships.

The Mission

The mission for RJUSHD is as follows: “The Roseville Joint Union High School District will provide all students with a rigorous and relevant education designed to give them the opportunity to acquire, apply, and practice the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to fulfill their adult roles and responsibilities in the twenty-first century. “

The Goals

Guiding Principles

The Roseville Joint Union High School District is committed to the following guiding principles:

Students are the center of everything we do. Our district will change and adapt to best serve our students.
Students will experience in school what they are likely to experience after graduation through work that requires them to solve problems and to apply learned skills and behaviors in real-life situations.
Students will be guided and supported by valued staff members who seek, develop, and implement successful practices and innovative ideas.
Students will be served through a process of continuous assessment and improvement that requires and values the active participation and contributions of students, parents, staff, and other stakeholders.
Students will be provided with a safe and supportive learning environment that involves the active participation of the educational staff, students, parents, and community members.
Students will be served through the continuous improvement of communications and working relationships with all district customers.
The Roseville Joint Union High School District serves the needs of nearly 10,000 students representing communities in both Placer and Sacramento counties. RJUHSD is comprised of five comprehensive high schools, a continuation school, an adult school, and an independent study school with an attendance boundary that includes the city of Roseville, the community of Granite Bay, and part of Antelope. RJUHSD and the Board of Trustees maintain a high level of commitment and high expectations for student learning and community involvement.

Areas of Excellence

Strong Academic Program

College Preparation

Special Student Programs


Fine Arts Program

Strong Parental Involvement

Community & Business Partnerships

Alternative Education

Serving a diverse and engaged community, RJUHSD and the Board of Trustees annually establish goals to focus their commitment and resources to provide the best education and programs possible for students.

Roseville Joint Union High School District 2011-2012 District Goals

  • Increase by 3 percentage points in every subgroup the number of graduates who complete UC “a-g” requirements.
  • Improve by 5 percentage points the number of students who are proficient (scoring 70% or better) on the district-designed core academic common assessments.
  • Train 10 additional teachers at each site on PLC concepts, and additionally train 15 teachers per site on instructional practices to increase the effectiveness of their professional learning teams and to improve student learning.
  • Improve student performance to meet mandated Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) targets with every significant subgroup on 10th grade California High School Exit Exams (CaHSEE).
  • Improve student proficiency on California Standards Tests by 10 percentage points in Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2.
  • These goals and guiding principles represent the district philosophy and fundamental belief that every student should have access to a quality education, and that given the opportunity, every student can learn at a high level.

Despite amazing efforts by staff throughout the district, RJUHSD has narrowly missed meeting all NCLB requirements. RJUHSD was designated a Program Improvement (PI) District in 2006-07 and is currently in its third year as such.

Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR'S)

A graduate from Antelope High School will meet district academic standards and will be:

Effective Communicators who:
  • Read, think, speak, write and listen reflectively and analytically in order to respond to a diverse audience.
  • Use technology to access, manipulate, and produce information.

Self-Directed Learners who:
  • Will demonstrate the willingness, competence, and disposition to be actively engaged in self-discovery, creative problem solving, and critical thinking.
  • Develop academic skills to succeed in future educational and vocational opportunities.

Culturally Empowered Community Members who:
  • Promote mutual respect, appreciation and acceptance among people of different backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.
  • Contribute time, energies, and talents to improve the quality of life in our school and community through participation and service.

Healthy Individuals who:
  • Are physically, emotionally, and mentally fit.
  • Make informed lifestyle choices.

AnHS Core Values

The creation and application of knowledge, with an emphasis on inquiry, research, exploration, investigation, and creative production. We are creating educational opportunities which address the learning of ALL students.

Motivating others to take actions for the betterment of their school and community. Individuals or groups can influence and energize ideas, actions, and capabilities of others toward promoting school pride, a safe school environment and positive community citizenship.

AHS will work collaboratively to address complex issues and problems, both within and beyond the boundaries of AHS. A high school cannot solve problems or increase student learning working in isolation. It must do so by interacting with all stakeholders. By working in partnerships, we gain an understanding and a shared responsibility of what can be accomplished together that could not have been accomplished alone.

AHS will foster a student¡¯s ability to appreciate, investigate, and understand a cultural background different from his or her own as a means of bringing our students together. Cultural awareness promotes tolerance, relationships, and respect for a variety of cultures, both domestic and international, and facilitates opportunity for interaction, communication and engagement within a local and global community.


GOAL 1: Place Students at the Center
GOAL 2: Achieve Academic Excellence
GOAL 3: Forge Key Relationships and Partnerships
GOAL 4: Establish a "Sense of Place"