• Roseville High School

    Mission: We encourage and engage all students in relevant learning to support their post-secondary pathways

    Student Learning Outcomes:

    • A Roseville High School Graduate will …
    • Retain and apply the key content knowledge and foundational skills in reading, writing, and computation necessary to succeed in current course and at the next level
    • Utilize discipline specific vocabulary and essential information
    • Demonstrate skills necessary for competency in the particular disciplines
    • Have knowledge and skills necessary for learning and transitioning to college and career
    • Exhibit proficiency in technology at a level necessary for real-world applications
    • Demonstrate techniques that lead to success: goal setting, time management, collaborative learning, and perseverance
    • Formulate a post-secondary plan that considers career pathways, college admission and financial aid requirements
    • Solve complex problems with precision and accuracy
    • Hypothesize or strategize possible approaches or solutions to a task or problem
    • Identify essential questions and collect necessary evidence
    • Analyze and evaluate a variety of evidence to formulate a solution, answer, or response
    • Construct, organize, and communicate well-reasoned arguments and responses