• Roseville High School

    Mission: We encourage and engage all students in relevant learning to support their post-secondary pathways

    Student Learning Outcomes:



    Thoughtful and Effective Communicators

    • Who clearly and effectively communicate in written, verbal, and artistic formats.
    • Who consider their intended audience and understand the impact of tone.
    • Who are active listeners and self-advocates.

    Independent & Collaborative Learners

    • Who take initiative and demonstrate resilience.
    • Who engage and participate while working collaboratively.
    • Who strive independently and collaboratively to achieve personal learning goals.

    Globally aware community contributors

    • Who learn about diverse cultures and identities, interacting respectfully and appropriately in a variety of cultural contexts.
    • Who can articulate how global issues impact their communities and the world.
    • Who actively participate in improving their community.

    Engaged Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers

    • Who  can identify problems and apply strategies to find solutions.
    • Who can analyze information, draw conclusions, and verify results with data.
    • Who keep an open mind, troubleshoot challenges, and reflect on outcomes.

    Resourceful and Persistent 


    • Who persevere through obstacles & complete tasks.
    • Who can effectively employ digital and traditional resources.
    • Who can access emotional and/or academic support if necessary.