• AP Exams start next week!

    MAY 1-MAY 12 


    1.      Check AP Exam room assignments posted (admin hallway, student services, library entrance).

    2.       No cell phones allowed in testing room

    3.     Consider leaving backpack, bag, or purse at home.

    4.     Snack and drinks are only permitted during 10 minute break period and will be placed on a separate table.

    5.       Report times are morning exams 7:30 and afternoon exams 11:30.


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    AP courses and exams are open and available to ALL students and Roseville High School encourages and challenges every student to take at least one AP course and participate in at least one AP exam sometime during their high school experience. 
    Go Tigers! 


    Join AP Club 



    ·       Provide support to students in Advanced Placement,  Pre AP, and Honors courses.


    ·       Give students a place to get together and collaborate with one another, discuss various classes, form study groups, and to decrease student stress.


    *Meetings are twice a month during the one lunch

     on Mondays in room 501! See you there!*


    Developed by students for students