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    February 5th AP Scholarship Deadline. The AP Scholarship Window will be open from January 25th-Feb 5th.

    February 19th deadline to purchase AP exams. All payments are due for all Fall and Spring students.

    Any student not registered on AP classroom for each course/subject an AP exam can not be ordered. Reach out to your AP teacher for join codes.

    If students did not register in the FALL on AP Classroom, by Wednesday 11/11,  a $40 late fee will be charged if a student choses to take the AP exam in the Spring. There's no unused/cancellation fee this year, but the additional $40 late order fee applies to each exam ordered after this deadline.*



    AP courses and exams are open and available to ALL students and Roseville High School encourages and challenges every student to take at least one AP course and participate in at least one AP exam sometime during their high school experience. 


    Join AP Club!

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    AP Club Mission: Provide support to students in Advanced Placement,  Pre AP, and Honors courses.Give students a place to get together and collaborate with one another, discuss various classes, form study groups, and to decrease student stress.


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