Latest COVID 19 Update from the College Board regarding AP Exams

    Link to College Board Update

    Link to FAQ for AP EXAMS 2020 


    College Board is providing a variety of resources for AP students, including free review sessions. Click link here.



    RJUHSD understands the College Board is allowing cancellation of Advanced Placement testing this year without penalty. The information related to how they will process the cancellation is not yet available. As soon as we are aware of the College Board's process for cancellation we will inform you so we can begin that process with you. 


    A new update from College Board will be Available on April 3rd 2020










    AP courses and exams are open and available to ALL students and Roseville High School encourages and challenges every student to take at least one AP course and participate in at least one AP exam sometime during their high school experience. 


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    AP Club Mission: Provide support to students in Advanced Placement,  Pre AP, and Honors courses.Give students a place to get together and collaborate with one another, discuss various classes, form study groups, and to decrease student stress.


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