• Oakmont HS Sober Grad Night


    2018 Sober Grad Night will take place at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo.

    Buy tickets now at ohsgradnight.com. Tickets include luxury bus transportation, Discovery Kingdom park entrance, food and entertainment, and a commemorative T-shirt. Check the ohsgradnight.com website for more information. Students will leave Oakmont right after the graduation ceremony on June 1, and be delivered back to Oakmont Saturday morning by about 9 a.m.

    Graduation night is statistically one of the most dangerous nights of a young person’s life. Sober Grad Night is a graduation party organized by Oakmont parents to provide a safe environment for our graduates to celebrate with their friends. Sober Grad Night is now a tradition for tens of thousands of high school graduates in our state every year. The students get to safely blow off steam and celebrate one of life’s education milestones without the dangers of being out on the road.

    Oakmont parents have been holding such events since 1989. Sober Grad Night provides a special time – maybe the last time – to be with high school friends to talk, share and have a good time celebrating the completion of high school. The party is funded through ticket sales, donations, and other fundraising events.

    We do need a little help from volunteers to pull it off. Parents of all grade levels are encouraged to participate in Sober Grad Night activities, but we do try to give senior parents the night off. Parents wishing to volunteer can contact the committee at ohsgradnight@gmail.com.


    Thank you,


    Thomas O’Hair

    Oakmont 2018 Sober Grad Night Team