• Welcome to OHS Guidance

    OHS counselors assist with student achievement in the following areas as prescribed by the American School Counselor Association

    Individual Student Planning:

    • Academic plans
    • Career Plans
    • Comprehensive use of Naviance to connect academics to college and career planning
    • Problem solving
    • Education in understanding of self, including strengths and areas for improvement
    • Transition plans for post-secondary goals

    Responsive Services:

    • Individual counseling
    • Individual/family/school crisis intervention in personal/social areas
    • Peer facilitation
    • Consultation and collaboration with teachers, parents and students
    • Referrals

    System Support:

    • School Climate improvement
    • Positive Behavioral Intervention System (Viking Expectations)



Area Staff Name Staff Email
Speech Therapist Sam Ryner sryner@rjuhsd.us
School Counselor Gina Lacoste gcoinerlacoste@rjuhsd.us
School Counselor Bethany Olander bolander@rjuhsd.us
School Counselor Lorri Perkins lperkins@rjuhsd.us
School Counselor Albert Lee alee@rjuhsd.us
School Counselor Lisa Prasad lprasad@rjuhsd.us
Psychologist Annie Richardson ariffey@rjuhsd.us
Psychologist Sheila Stein sstein@rjuhsd.us
Program Specialist Brian Johnson bjohnson@rjuhsd.us
Learning Support Specialist Kassie Myers kmyers@rjuhsd.us
Learning Support Specialist M. Lupe Ferreira mferreira@rjuhsd.us
Counseling Assistant Amy Price amprice@rjuhsd.us
Assistant Principal, Counseling Michelle Mahoney mmahoney@rjuhsd.us