• Physical and Political Map Quiz  will be on 1/16 Thursday  or 1/17 Friday- be sure to study the even locations only for the political portion.
    The following is due January 14th /15th:  Assignment 3 in your notebook 
    •Create a “story” with the vocabulary words placed in the text.
    • The meaning of the word must be understood and connected to the context of the European Peninsula.
    •Use and Highlight the following terms in the text/story:
    •Ural Mountains
    •Danube River
    •Northern European Plain
    •North Sea
    •Rhine River
    •Aegean Sea
    •Black Sea
    Due Monday December 2- Scoopit!  sites 
    1. Sign into your Scoopit site and create a new topic. The topic is North America.
    2. I need you "to follow" the  RHSGeo Scoopit site. So become a follower of our class site.
    3. Research a total of 6 articles- the articles must represent each of the PERSIA categories (1 article for each section).
    4.  Add insight into the comment box discuss the  following:
    • Which PERSIA category does the article represent? How does it represent the PERSIA category?
    • Why  did you choose this article and what is the main idea?
     PERSIA ( see handout in your notebook) =Political, Economic, Religious, Social, Intellectual /Arts, Area/ Geography
    Due 11/22- Map Quiz United States - be sure to study your physical map.
    Due 11/ 14 or 11/15
    Research, read,and bring in a copy of a current event article that discusses illegal immigration to the United States.
    11/5 or 11/ 6 map quiz Mexico
    10/29 or 10/30 Map Quiz Canada
    10/10 Thursday Map Quiz- Be sure to study assignment #2 in your notebook
    Mini Case Study - Assignment 8 in your notebook
    1.5 important and key facts that show a thorough understanding of the topic.
    2.5 visuals  original or researched ( pictures, graphs, charts, maps, etc.)
    4.Create a level 1,2,3 questions using Costas /Bloom handout in back of your notebook
    5.Answer  all questions thoroughly
    Choose one of the following:
    ▫Great Barrier Reef and Other environmental issues (pg 842-846 and 840-841)
    ▫Clash of Cultures  (pg 850-853)
    ▫Island Economy (pg. 847 and pg 836-839)