• Parents, students, teachers, the principal, and others as specified by the School Improvement law responsible for developing a single plan for student acheivement, establishing the school improvement budget, periodically assessing the school program and annually reviewing the implementation of the plan.
    Responsibilities of the Site Council
    1. Establish the council and bylaws
    2. Review school and student performance data
    3. Establish/Review school goals and select specific improvements
    4. Develop the site plan with input from other advisory groups
    5. Establish budgets associated with the plan
    6. Monitor progress of plan implementation
    7. Assess effectiveness of planned activities
    8. Evaluate implementation of plan and resulting student achievement
    9. Review/Modify plan as needed
    10. Collaborate with other advisory groups
    11. Develop/Oversee Title 1 parent involvement policy and home/school compact
    12. Recommend plan to Board of Education
    For questions about Site Council please contact Mr. Andreatta