Activities DirectorKim Bair (916) 771-6565 ext 4603 
    Assistant Principal Mr. Padilla  jpadilla@rjuhsd.us.  
    *Detailed information REGARDING ticket sales, dance bids and more will be added to this page approximately 2 to 3 weeks prior to each dance and it will also be posted in                      
    The Daily Bulletin and on social media. 
    Replacement ID Cards can be purchased for $5 at Student Services and they will re-print your ID card for you.  WHS Students must have their current student ID card to enter the dance.  
    1) The Dance Contract Is in the "Must Know Stuff" Slideshow. Please Read the Entire Slideshow, the Dance Contract FORM link is in the slideshow. 
    2)  All Students Who Want to Attend a Whs Dance Are Required to Complete a Dance Contract (Complete Only 1 Dance Contract per School Year) 
    3) "Signatures" Required from Students & Parents/Guardian
    4) A Dance Contract Must Be Submitted at Least 1 Week Prior to Purchasing a Ticket. 
    DRESS CODE:   

    1) Please view the WHS dress code policy 

    2) Any questions or concerns, please contact Mr. Padilla or Ms. Souza 

    3) Only envelope-sized purses are allowed  

    4)  No professional dance photos will be offered unless otherwise posted.  Be sure you get photos before the dance. 


    Dance Tickets:

    1) Dance tickets are sold online at https://store.5starstudents.com/woodcreek

    2) Students must have all fines cleared before they can purchase a Dance Ticket. Check fines on HOMELINK

    3) Dance Tickets will be associated with your school ID - The bar code on the back of your ID will be scanned upon entry into the dance. 

    4) The bar code on Student ID’s becomes their dance tickets (and any guest ticket you purchase) 

    5) Approved Dance Bid is REQUIRED if your bringing a non-WHS student (guest) to a WHS dance. 

    8) Guests MUST have a Dance Ticket - Dance Bids are NOT tickets - once your bid is approved you can purchase your guest a dance ticket. 

    9) Only current WHS Students can purchase dance tickets. 


    Student ID's:  

    1) Students MUST have their WHS School ID with them to enter the dance and to purchase a dance ticket.

    2)  Replacement ID's can be purchased at the Finance Window for $5.00 and your ID will be re-printed. 


    Dance Bids: 

    1)  A Dance Bid is NOT a Dance Ticket - Guest Dance Bids cost $5.00. 

    2)  If a current WHS student would like to bring a NON-WHS student to a school dance, they are required to pick up a Dance Bid at the attendance office and follow instructions on the dance bid. 

    3) Once the Dance Bid is approved by your guest’s school and WHS Assistant Principal, then a ticket can be purchased for your guest.  

    4) Dance Bids are available approximately 3 weeks prior to the dance and can be picked up in the attendance office or on this page (scroll down to dance). 

    5) The Dance Bid approval process can take a couple of days, so don't wait until the last minute.

    6) There is always a deadline date on the Dance Bid Request form. Be sure to have your Dance Bid completed and turned in on time; late dance bid requests will not be processed – NO EXCEPTIONS!


    Dance Bids for other schools:

    1) Allow no less than 48 hours after turning in your bid for review

    2) Dance bid must be filled out completely

    3) All lines that require both parent signatures, student signatures, information about BOTH students and families must be completed



    1) Fines are posted in Homelink

    2) Questions regarding fines?  Stop by the Finance Window or call Mrs. Jones (916) 771-6565 ext 4047

    Saturday, March 18, 2023
    Saturday, May 6, 2023
    8:00 to 11:00pm 
       Serrano Country Club.  Beverages & dessert will be served. 
    Saturday, October 1, 2022
    Saturday, January 21, 2023
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