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    To be on the team competitors must be enrolled in the fall course, known as Competitive Forensics (In the spring, we become an after-school program). This class is designed to offer direct instruction in competitive speech events and debate. The variety of competition offerings allows for students with diverse interests/skills to discover the events with which they are compatible. Students who take Competitive Forensics enjoy performing. This course is devoted to competition preparation and is structured according to speaking events officially recognized by the National Speech & Debate Association. Students do extensive research and are required to attend and participate in events held outside of school hours. This course is offered to freshmen through seniors. The competitive season runs August to April, and for those competing at Nationals, to June.

    Speaker of the Tournament:

    Speaker of the tournament is a highly sought after award granted to one team member in each block after each tournament. Each block votes for one individual who embodies coachability, positivity, drive, and a strong work ethic. For more information on previous recipients of this award, visit the blog page. Our two most recent Speakers of the Tournament both truly embody the amazing character of this team.

    Block 3:

    At the November 4th speech tournament, Woodcreek made it to finals in all 12 speaking events, bringing home 33 awards, including 18 top three trophies! This in an incredible accomplishment, and we are thrilled the team is thriving!

                Our speaker of the tournament is extremely dedicated and hardworking. This season she has consistently gone out of her comfort zone and tried new events. (She went 4-0 at the last debate tournament AND took 1st place this week in her duo)! She is determined, focused, always on task and working hard at practice. She is a team player that consistently helps other members with their pieces and edits our team website. She tends to be fairly reserved, but when her wittiness and humor come out, she entertains everyone around her. This person is extremely ambitious, sweet and a joy to be around. I’m proud to call her both my teammate and my friend. Congratulations Natalia Jovovich!!!

     Submitted by Tate Blas

     Block 4:

    Hello everyone! This past weekend at Antelope High School, we took home 33 awards. These successes prove once again how hardworking and determined our team truly is. One individual’s hard work, in particular, has paid off in more ways than one. 
    This person is loved by everyone and never steers away from asking for help. His work ethic has improved tremendously this season and his determination to succeed is positively inspiring. He never fails to put a smile on my face and he is a friend to everyone he meets. I am truly honored to present Ben Santiago-Kemp as our speaker of the tournament.

    Submitted by Savannah Rice


    Contact Information:

    For more information, contact the team's coach, Mrs. Elko.


    (916)-771-6565 (ext. 435)  


    WHS Season Calendar 2017-2018

    WHS Season Calendar 2017-2018

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  • I’m very proud to share Woodcreek's speech team earned 33 awards at last Saturday's tournament at Antelope HS. We competed against 15 other schools and approximately 280 competitors.  This time, we entered all twelve individual events and advanced to finals in every style of speaking. We earned 6 first place trophies and eighteen top 3 placements. Dana Bell was triple entered and moved into finals in all three events. Sydney Sherk, Robert Esty, Tate Blas, and Ryan Hardmeyer were all double entered and brought home awards in both their events. And our prose and poetry performers continue to dominate this very popular platform. Overall, it was a great day for Woodcreek forensics!


    I'm also very excited to announce Sara Ballantine has accepted the position of assistant coach for the spring season. Her skills and expertise include a background in English, history, and journalism. In the speech & debate world, it doesn't get much better than that! Welcome aboard, Sara! J


    Please help me (& Sara) to congratulate the following competitors:


    Original Advocacy

    Julia Chin, 1st place

    Ryan Hardmeyer, 3rd place

    Rebecca Bendzick, 4th place


    Humorous Interp

    Dana Bell, 1st place

    Ben Santiago-Kemp, 2nd place (N)

    Kyler Strohmeyer, 3rd place (N)


    Expository Speaking

    Mark Mikityuk, 1st place

    Tate Blas, 3rd place

    Savannah Rice, 5th place

    Sierra Nielson, 4th place (N)

    Katie Gibson, 5th place (N)


    Original Prose & Poetry

    Hudson Habermehl, 1st place

    Joseph White, 2nd place

    Cheyenne Demille, 3rd place

    Emily Shearon, 6th place

    Michael Ortiz, 6th place (N)

    Myles Gilmer, 7th place (N)


    Thematic Interpretation

    Dana Bell, 2nd place

    Sydney Sherk, 4th place


    Original Oratory

    Sydney Sherk, 3rd place


    DUO Interp

    Tommy Hubbard & Robert Esty, 3rd place

    Haley Burke & Natalia Jovovich, 1st place (N)

    Amanda Simon & Jake Van Leerdam, 4th place (N)


    Oratorical Interp

    Brandon Solano, 5th place (N)


    Dramatic Interp

    Dana Bell, 3rd place

    Dylan Deen, 6th place


    Foreign Extemporaneous

    Robert Esty, 7th place


    National Extemp

    Ryan Hardmeyer, 4th place


    Impromptu Speaking

    Tate Blas, 3rd place

    Sean Hellar, 7th place


    Thank you for supporting these kids!


    Melisa Elko, teacher/coach

    Speech & Debate Team

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