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    Kim Bair - kbair@rjuhsd.us 


    Fall 2024 Student Government Application  Deadline is March 22, 2024



    CLASS ADVISORS   2023-2024


    Seniors - Class of 2024


    Rian Henry rhenry@rjuhsd.us 

    Kate Weidkamp kweidkamp@rjuhsd.us 


    Juniors - Class of 2025


    Amy Schofield   aschofield@rjuhsd.us 

    Andrew Rusnak  arusnak@rjuhsd.us  

    Sophomores - Class of 2026
    Monique Ronalter  mronalter@rjuhsd.us 
    Ginny Gonzalez  ggonzalez@rjuhsd.us 
    Freshmen - Class of 2027
    Stephanie Rodrigues  
    Irene Wang
    Remind 101 - Students can sign-up to receive reminder texts for events, rallies, dress up days, etc..
    Text 81010 to
    Freshmen Class = @27creek
    Sophomore Class = @26creek
    Junior Class = @25creek
    Senior Class = @ 24creek
    Data text messaging fees may apply 
     Save a Life, Donate Blood
    Parent Consent form are available at the sign up table for Blood Drive MUST be filled out in BLUE OR BLACK INK - forms filled out in pencil will NOT be accepted!

    October 17, 2023

    March 8, 2024

    2024-2025 Class Advisors
    Class of 2028:  Rian Henry and Kate Weidkamp
    Class of 2027:  Rachel Butler and Krista Meyers
    Class of 2026:  Monique Ronalter and Ginny Gonzalez
    Class of 2025:  Andrew Rusnak and Amy Logan