• UC/CSU 'a-g' Requirements


    At Woodcreek High School, we believe that students should have as many options as possible when making choices about where to go after high school. Completing a course sequence for college readiness helps to provide those options. The course requirements for the UC and CSU systems are consistent with the requirements of the vast majority of colleges in the country. Please use the A-G Worksheet to track your student’s progress. For more information refer to the UC Doorways Woodcreek High School Course List.



    # of

    Notes About Meeting the Requirement

    a - History/Social Science 2

    One year World History, cultures and geography
    One year US History

    b - English  4  
    c - Mathematics 3 4 years recommended
    Courses must be Algebra 1 and above
    Courses taken in middle school (Algebra 1 and Geometry)
         can be counted
    d - Laboratory Science 2 3 years recommended
    Two years chosen from Biology, Chemistry or Physics
    e - Language Other Than English


    3 years recommended
    f - Visual and Performing Arts 1 One year from Dance, Drama/Theatre, Music or Visual Art
    g - College-preparatory Elective 1

    Course needs to be designed for 11th or 12th grade
    Two options for completing this requirement:
    1.  take 'a-f' course that exceeds minimum requirement for that area and has a pre- or co-requisite.
    2.  take a course specifically approved for 'g'.