• Graduation Requirements 

    To graduate from Woodcreek High School, students must:
    • Pass all district graduation requirement courses (listed in the table below)
    • Earn a minimum of 260 credits 
    • Complete/Pass the Finance Course - CLICK HERE


    # of

    Typically Fulfilled

    Notes and Alternate Courses

    English4CP English 9
    CP English 10
    CP English 11
    CP English 12

    Alternate: AP Language & Composition
    Alternate: AP Literature & Composition
    MathematicsAlgebra 1
    Algebra 2 
    At least one of the courses in math must
    be above Algebra 1

    Chemistry or Physics

    One Life Science and one Physical Science
    must be completed
    Social Science3World Studies
    US History
    Alternate: AP European History
    Alternate: AP US History
    Alternate: AP Govt/CP Economics
    Foreign Language1Foreign Language
    or VAPA course
    One course from either Foreign Language
    or VAPA must be completed for graduation
    Visual and
    Performing Arts
    Physical Education2PE 9
    PE 10
    Health & Safety1Health & Safety