• At Woodcreek High School, we view ourselves as a learning community, and our desire is that all members of the Woodcreek community be actively engaged in learning at all times. Successful learning requires honest effort, honest and constructive feedback, and persistence.


    Academic dishonesty undermines the learning process. Because we value learning so highly, we take academic dishonesty very seriously. Academic dishonesty may take any of the following forms:

    • Copying another student's homework or class assignment;
    • Using notes or other aides on a test when the teacher has not allowed such aides;
    • Copying or paraphrasing from an internet or print source without properly crediting the source;
    • Accessing a test or test questions ahead of time without a teacher's authorization;
    • Allowing or helping another student to do any of the above.

    Teachers have varying policies regarding academic dishonesty. If it is not included in the course syllabus, the teacher should be able to explain his/her policy upon request. Typically, on a first offense, a student will either receive a zero on the assignment/test or be disciplined, usually with a detention, and asked to do the assignment again. A student who repeats the behavior will be subject to suspension from school.


    How to Avoid Academic Dishonesty:


    1. Put forth your best effort on all assignments;

    2. Study for tests so you'll feel prepared and won't be tempted to cheat;

    3. Plan how you will respond to a friend who asks to copy your work or asks you to help him/her cheat;

    4. Be sure you understand what plagiarism is and how to give credit appropriately when you use outside sources;

    5. If in doubt, ask your teacher to clarify what is and isn't allowed.


    Remember, we want you to do well as much as you want to do well. If you're struggling, don't resort to cheating. Ask for help.