• AP Exams are held May 7-17. Click here to view the AP Exam Schedule to view times and locations. 


    WEEK 1



    Monday, May 6

    Government- Mahany Gym

    Environmental Science- Mahany Gym

    Chinese Language and Culture

    Tuesday, May 7

    Spanish Language and Culture- Mahany Gym


    Physics 1: Algebra-Based- Mahany Gym

    Japanese Language and Culture

    Wednesday, May 8

    English Literature

    Composition- Mahany Gym

    European History- Mahany Gym

    French Language and Culture

    Thursday, May 9

    Chemistry- Mahany Gym

    Spanish Literature and Culture

    Psychology- Mahany Gym

    German Language and Culture

    Friday, May 10

    United States History- Mahany Gym

    Computer Science Principles- Mahany Riley LIbrary Meeting Room

    Studio Art

    Physics 2: Algebra-Based

    WEEK 2



    Monday, May 13

    Biology- Mahany Riley Library Meeting Room

    Physics C: Mechanics 2PM- Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism

    Tuesday, May 14

    Calculus AB

    Calculus BC-

    Both in Mahany Gym

    Human Geography- Mahany Gym

    Art History

    Wednesday, May 15

    English Language and Composition- Mahany Gym

    Italian Language and Culture

    Macroeconomics- WHS Room 427

    Thursday, May 16

    Comparative Government and Politics

    World History

    Statistics- Mahany Gym

    Friday, May 17

    Music Theory- WHS Library and Music Rooms

    Microeconomics- WHS Room 418

    Computer Science A- WHS Room 427Location TBA